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<p>Healing Gemstone Jewelry</p>

Empower Your Journey With Daria Day's Ethical and Real Gemstone Jewelry. Lovingly handcrafted by artisans at the foothills of K2 mountain in Pakistan, Daria Day's pieces feature only real and natural gemstones. Let yourself connect to the healing powers of each gemstone and boost your spirts, find the joy and confidence that you know is already within you. Feel the power of real ethical gemstones. #wearyourwellbeing

Everyone has their story. Here's ours.

Handcrafted & Powerful

Each Daria Day piece is unique and handcrafted by artisans using only natural, ethically sourced gemstones and silver from the foothills of the K2 mountain in Northern Pakistan. Our jewelry is designed to connect you to the positive and healing power of each beautiful gemstone. (READ MORE)

Life-giving Talent

We are deeply committed to elevating the lives and communities of our artisans by providing sustainable and dignified wages. Our jewelry pieces are expertly crafted and will forever be a part of each of our artisans’ personal stories on their path to prosperity. (READ MORE)


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