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With a new year comes new goals. 

The new year isn’t about leaving your old life behind, it’s about introducing new ways to learn how to prosper. You deserve to finally achieve your best self. 

Beginning a new cycle in life doesn’t always have to mean that you give up part of yourself. Instead, it should mean growth, new habits, and new life. 

Give yourself more space to expand in the best parts of your life. Explore these ways to learn how to prosper, and settle into a new, powerful, confident balance.

1- Set boundaries and create a work-life balance. 

Your first step to creating your new, self-confident life is to realize that you deserve time for just you. In the age of remote working, the boundaries between work and home life have become even more blurred. 

Don’t let yourself feel the pressure of always being available. Set an end of the day, and stick to it. 

2- Work hard, prove it, and own it. 

You’re capable of accomplishing everything you set your mind to. But that means a bit of discipline and hard work. 

If you need a little help along the way, take the advice of our blog post on prosperity and abundance and surround yourself with some Tiger’s Eye. 

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3- Be generous with yourself and others. 

A soul open to generosity and kindness is a soul open to self improvement, confidence, and joy. Give freely, even when that means giving yourself time alone or treating yourself to something nice. 

4- Be progressive, live the moment, but keep your eyes on what comes next.

Each moment is an opportunity to discover something new and live a fresh experience – but don’t forget to keep your end goal in mind. Use deep red Garnet to help channel your focus while staying in the present moment. 

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5- Fuel your mindset - set intentions for staying focused and getting what you want.

Setting intentions can be a powerful way to draw what you seek near to you, and keep your end goals in mind. Read our article for how to set intentions with gemstones and candles to discover which gems will help you bring these mantras into reality.

6- Build your self confidence.

Self love, self love, self love. That’s what it’s all about. Repeat the mantra, “I am beautiful.” This cycle, you will appreciate yourself, know yourself, and love yourself to become more confident than you’ve ever been. 

Rose Quartz will help you accomplish this goal with its powerful energy of self love. 

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7- Use the law of attraction.

Positive thoughts bring positive circumstances. You receive the energy you put out in the world – make it good. Draw opportunity to you, and feel confident that you will receive abundance and prosperity back when you make it a point to set that energy forth. 

8- Set clear goals.

It’s easier to be intentional and manifest your goals and dreams when you know what they are. Make a list of ten clear, positive goals for this year. Get that promotion. Stay kind. Set a budget, and stick to it. 

9- Know your limits.

Setting all these goals is amazing, but don’t stretch yourself too thin. Rest and relaxation aren’t just for fun – these habits of self-care keep you able to pursue your goals when you’re back to the grind. 

10- Overcome your fears, do things that scare you.

Life’s less exciting when you do the same thing every day. Use this new cycle as an excuse to step out of your comfort zone, surprise yourself, and make new discoveries. 

11- Visualize your success.

Visualizing your dreams and goals draws them to you. You prime yourself to jump at every opportunity, keep yourself positive, and ultimately succeed in every way. 

Peridot helps make these opportunities come to life before your eyes. Visualize your success, channeling your vision through the gemstone, and embrace your new abundance mindset.

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These steps for how to prosper will ensure that this year, you will find what you seek.

Your mindset is everything. Each of these steps is a way to start forward on your journey to embracing all that life has to offer you. They banish negative energies that block your path forward, and ensure that you are prepared to take on all the best parts into your new steps. 

Embrace the new you, and bring your confidence, positivity, and ambition into this energy cycle.

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