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A new year has finally begun. Before you can move forward, you must first recharge.

Work deadlines, holidays, and the general hustle and bustle of the year’s end can take their toll. Rediscover your mindful morning routine to settle into the new yearly cycle and stay calm, relaxed, and focused. 

Mindfulness is a great way to recharge your energy every year. Take back those moments for yourself each day, and remember that self-care should be your first priority this year. 

When you build positive habits, you’re unconsciously learning a healthy mindset that allows you to find success and balance in your entire day. And the benefits build up over time – just a few minutes every morning can make a huge difference.

You’ll start your day feeling more focused, energetic, and joyful. 

Use the powerful healing energies of gemstones to accompany you in setting this new mindful morning routine, and make sure that you get the absolute most out of these precious moments. 

1- Meditate in the morning. 

The start of each day is the perfect time to prime yourself for what comes next. When your morning starts calmly and mindfully, the rest of the day will follow in its footsteps. 

Set aside as little as five minutes to center yourself and empty your mind of all thoughts – the stressors, the to-do lists, the errands you have to run. If you need tips on how to do so, read our blog on the best stones to clear your mind

Among them is Lapis, a powerful energy filter that helps you quiet outside thoughts and sink down into peace. 

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2- Exercise and set intentions. 

Exercising gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and your mind on the path to positivity. It makes you happy and boosts your mood – the perfect start to any mindful morning routine. 

You can exercise as heavily or as lightly as you prefer, as long as you’re out of bed and focusing on the body, not the brain. 

Whether smooth, slow, intentional yoga, or dynamic and exciting HIIT or crossfit, you’re doing something right. It’s about how it makes you feel, so if you don’t love it, it’s not the right exercise for you. 

After your morning meditation and exercise has cleared your mind of all negativity, set intentions for your day. 

These intentions can be as specific or as broad as you like, but they should focus on a goal or reminder for yourself. This will prime your mind to embrace the most exciting opportunities, to chase your ambitions, and to stay open to new experiences. There’s no better way to prepare to seize the moment you’re in.

Draw in the most powerful intentions with Jade. It’s the ultimate good luck charm, perfect for taking your deepest wishes into reality. 

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3- Journal your emotions.

If you’re looking for another type of mindful morning routine, recharging your energy can come easily when you spill your thoughts on paper. Take charge of this new year writing down your intentions if you prefer words on paper over meditation and setting intentions in your mind. 

You’ll be relieved about all the energy that you can cleanse by just writing down how you feel today. It’s OK to write down if you’re feeling angry, stressed or energetic. Let it out. Write about what you are grateful for today, and how you hope your day will look like. 

Do this after you get ready and make sure you're wearing our Radiant Moonstone Drop Earrings to allow your intuition to flow into words.

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Practicing these mindful morning routines can bring you back into balance. 

Once you get in the habit of taking the time for self-care every day, it gets easier and easier. 

At the end of the day, mindful morning routines like this are about recharging your positive energy on repeat. 

Step into a new year prioritizing yourself and your precious moments.You’re worth it. At Daria Day, we’re here to help you remember that. Subscribe to our newsletter for more. 

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