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Find your inspiration from bloggers working to make the fashion world a sustainable space.

Fashion and sustainability intersect at an incredible place of living slowly, creating capsule wardrobes, and purchasing for the future. Ethical bloggers make this easy, finding the diamonds in the rough and bringing them to you. 

It can be hard to know where to start when you set out on your journey to live a more mindful lifestyle. But there are so many incredible resources to start with. Each blog focuses on a different part of how to live a sustainable lifestyle, so no matter what your focus, there will be someone to help you out along the way. 

Get inspired with their flawless style tips, their dedication to cruelty-free, ethically made home goods and products, and their passion for finding the balance between looking good and taking care of the planet.

1- The Honest Consumer.

Emily at The Honest Consumer carefully examines just what makes our clothes so cheap. Where are they coming from? Who’s making them? This is the perfect blog for people who want to become a truly conscious consumer, taking apart and critically thinking about the social impacts of their fashion choices.

She’ll help you find honest products that make an impact, and help you achieve your mission to take part in the balance of enjoying life and safeguarding our earth.

Check out The Honest Consumer.

2- Green Chic Life.

Amy helps you navigate the world of cutting-edge fashion, beauty, and self-care to help you find what puts you in balance with the world. In her own words: “Shopping is fun.” And she’s right -- and Green Chic Life is an ethical fashion blog on a mission to help you do it the right way.

Check out Green Chic Life and how she styled Daria Day

3- The Eco Hub.

Candice at The Eco Hub is a long-time environmentalist. She’s curated an incredible place to find gift directories or ideas about sustainable products. This blog helps you get in tune with just how many options are out there to start changing your purchasing power for the better without making any sacrifices.

Check out The Eco Hub.

4- Ethical Unicorn.

Francesca at Ethical Unicorn knows that protecting the planet means protecting the people in it. This is the perfect blog for readers who want a place to educate themselves on sustainable living and social justice in tandem. Because as consumers, we’re in a unique place to guide the actions of brands and corporations with our choices. Using art as a conversation starter is a wonderful place to begin spreading the word.

Check out Ethical Unicorn.

5- Sustainably Shelby.

Learn to live slowly with Shelby. When you want to take a step back, breathe deep, and think about how to make ethical choices, this is the blog for you. She doesn’t just cover ethical brands, how to live a sustainable lifestyle, and fashion, but also helps you meditate and find balance in your journey to mindfulness.

Check out Stylishly Shelby.

6- Lovely Little Local.

Emma at Lovely Little Local lives and breathes locally owned, inspired, and produced goods. Respecting and embracing local culture and products goes beyond your own locality. This sustainable blog perfectly represents our own ideals of paying homage (and ethical wages) to the people who make the goods you buy. She’s bubbly, bright, and incredibly helpful for becoming a more ethical consumer.

Check out Lovely Little Local and how she wore our gemstone jewelry. 

7- Ethigal.

Kama has built her ethical blogging chops on mindful motherhood, community-minded teaching, and using smart social media to spread the word about brands and community organizations that help make the world a better place. Her blog is the perfect inspiration for moms who want to make sure they’re using tried-and-true ethical products in the home.

Check out Ethigal.

8- StyleWise

Motivated by building a community to educate people about supply chain ethics and conscious consumerism, this blog covers personal style, ethical shopping, industry talk, home, food, and social justice. A must-read for a fresh perspective and voice in the sustainable fashion space.

Check out Stylewise and how she styled our jewelry.

9- The Wholehearted Wardrobe.

The instagram blog for the sustainable minimalist, Kellie maintains stellar catalogues of capsule wardrobe tips, outfit inspirations, and sustainability. Capsule wardrobes are absolutely essential for doing more with less, and learning how to style them effortlessly can make or break your journey towards living more ethically and consuming less.

Check out The Wholehearted Wardrobe and how she wore Daria Day.

10- Ashley Marisa Ayala.

Ashley Ayala focuses on wellness, sustainable living, and living as a mindful mom and modern woman. Her blog is a delicate collection of all things slow living, and it makes Ashley one of the holistic ethical bloggers that can guide you on your journey to living sustainably -- even if you don’t have all the free time in the world. 

Check out Ashley Marisa Ayala spotted wearing our Moonstone Drop Necklace.

11- The Rewoven

Sica Schmitz is the founder of this healing space, magical and resourceful for anyone who needs to heal their body or soul. In this space you will find answers and healers who can help you reweave yourself and achieve spiritual metamorphosis. 

Check out The Rewoven

Let these ethical bloggers inspire you to live with less consumption.

Endless consumption isn’t the way forward. Mindlessly filling your shopping cart with poorly-made products that will fall apart in months can never help you on your path to holistic balance with the planet and yourself.

At Daria Day, we know that well. We’re incredibly inspired by the effort that these ethical bloggers put into making it easy to find slow fashion and well-made lifestyle products. We take that same energy and put it into our curated collections of ethical gemstone jewelry.

In the spirit of these lifestyle and fashion guides, we’ve written about how to spark your outfits with meaningful jewelry. Flawless accessorizing and creativity can take the clothing you already own and make it into something fresh, new, and exciting -- without the endless cycles of entire new wardrobes. 

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