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zendagi is 10 days old!

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Do businesses celebrate such milestones? Are these moments too small or minute for a business to acknowledge? These “days old” birthdays are often celebrated by new parents and as a new momma of a new social enterprise, I feel entitled to mark this day. ZENDAGI IS 10 DAYS OLD TODAY!!!                  

It was 10 days ago when my website developer and I sat at the Centre of Social Innovation in Toronto uploading product shots, our video and making final tweaks to the website. At 1 AM on December 21 we flicked the switch on and zendagi was live. The website wasn’t perfect (and it still isn’t) but I couldn’t wait to tell the stories of these artisans and share the beautiful jewelry that these artisans had been working on all summer and fall.

artisans working outdoors Gilgit Pakistan

That day zendagi not only went live online but we also had our first pop up event. The first time I had ever run a retail outlet or processed an order. But the outpour of love and support that I received that day was overwhelming; friends pitched in to help set up the stall, assemble the display stands and bring in their friends to the popup.

The past 10 days have been a whirlwind. A realization of a dream. A promise of what’s to come next. A small step towards building a more sustainable and equitable world. A small step towards providing those with less an opportunity, a path out of poverty and towards prosperity. The past 10 days have also been full of gratitude. I have been thankful for all the support and love I have received, not only from family and friends but from all of you. So today as I write this on the cusp of the dawn of another year, I am confident that together we can build a better world and realize zendagi’s mission!

 Thank you for your support!!

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