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Your body supports you, so support it back.

Your health and energy matters. Take time to thank your body for all it does for you, embracing the power of stones for health to keep you active and joyful.

Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always just mean green smoothies and crossfit. It can mean getting more sleep, taking stress-free time to rest, breathing deeply on a slow stroll through your neighborhood, and curbing bad habits. 

Your body deserves health and love, and these stones for health can kickstart your energy and give you what you need to take those first steps towards a healthier life. 

Garnet can help regulate your blood circulation. 

Your brain uses a lot of blood to function correctly, and circulation is super important to the health of our extremities, nerves, and temperature. Ever felt freezing in summer? That’s bad circulation talking.

Our hearts are committed to pumping our blood through our bodies, and we should be committed to helping it. 

Combine light aerobics, low saturated fats, and the power of Garnet gemstones to get your heart keeping pace. 

garnet drop earrings

Let your ears carry our deep red Radiant Garnet Drop Earrings with you all day to encourage your heart to stay strong and your blood well-circulated. 

Amethyst will smooth over all your stressors.

When we’re stress-free, our bodies function better. We sleep well, wake up rested, and prepare to meet each day at our best.

Managing your stress helps you stay healthy. So, let Amethyst into your life and rely on its stress-melting properties to soothe your worries and boost your body’s well-being. 

amethyst ring

Our gorgeous Spirit of Peace Amethyst Filigree Ring will help you do just that. 

Part of living a stress-free life and feeling good mentally is creating everyday avenues to doing well. To help you out, we wrote about how to incorporate a self-care routine into your life last January. It’s not out of your reach - just take that first step. 

Boost your immune system with Lapis. 

Your immune system is your body’s natural defense system, mowing down viruses and reacting to anything that could harm you. It’s your own personal protector!

When your immune system is functioning well, you don’t even notice that you’ve been exposed to any harm. Scrapes and cuts heal without a trace, your hair and nails grow quickly, and your skin is healthy and whole.  

Lapis helps what helps you, boosting your immune system and keeping you going without a pause.

lapis pendant

Keep this immune boosting superpower near your heart with our Sacred Trust Teardrop Lapis Pendant

In need of some healing? Clear Quartz can help. 

These other stones safeguard your continued good health and protect you from stress, worries, and sickness. But what if you need some acute healing, stat?

Surround yourself with positive energy, cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and stress-free days as much as you can. Then, lean on the powers of Clear Quartz to heal your mental and physical energy in your day to day. It’s known as the “master healer,” the general end-all-be-all of health gemstones. 

Take care of yourself, and prioritize your well-being first and foremost. The only thing that you can never get back is time, and the healthier you are, the more you have. 

sparkling clear quartz bracelet

Take the healing powers of Clear Quartz with you with our Sparkling Water Quartz Bracelet.

Stones for health help you prioritize yourself. 

Remember that you and your health matters, and that stones for health are here to keep your well-being in tip-top shape. 

Your lifestyle and overall physical health creates a feedback loop with your emotional health. The better you feel, the easier it is to take actions that create joy and positive feelings, making you feel better. 

Don’t ever put yourself on the back burner. You deserve to seize all the happiness that this life can bring you, and part of that means taking hold of your health and appreciating your body for everywhere it’s taken you. 

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