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It’s easy to find ourselves longing for more. 

The hardest pill to swallow is realizing that unless we live intentionally, “more” will never be enough. Creating abundance can mean striving for greater, but it can also mean finding your own introspective balance. 

When you look for it, abundance is everywhere. Think about your friends, family, and loved ones. Creating and expressing joy in your life and theirs can help you to get past abundance mindset blocks that might keep you from feeling the humble, honest contentment that comes from appreciating what you have. 

You’ve probably heard before that the grass is greener on the other side. But that’s not necessarily true – instead, consider the mantra that the grass is greener where you water it. 

Live life joyously, give without expecting in return, reflect on all that you have, and abundance and gratitude will surely find their way to you. 

Abundance mindset exercises can help you put the joys of your life into perspective. 

Deeply reflect on your abundance desires. 

To create abundance, you have to know your values. What brings you joy? What brings you sorrow?

If what you desire is deep, intimate connections with others, take time out of your life to facilitate them. More money cannot bring those moments – in fact, slowing your life down and prioritizing people might help you achieve this goal the most. 

If what you seek is financial security, enough to take care of yourself and your family, it may be time to search out some stones for prosperity and abundance.

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And once you’ve achieved this, take the time to sit back, reflect, and intentionally channel gratitude for all you’ve accomplished. 

What you value may even be more internal than external. Do you find joy in reading, journaling, reflection, activities and sports? No matter what you love, there are avenues to increase your happiness.

Stop comparing yourself to others. 

Comparison really is the thief of joy. When we compare ourselves to others, we unconsciously compare only to the best we know. It sets us up to fail in a trap of inadequacy and ingratitude. 

There are billions of people in the world, and hundreds of people you know, especially online. With that many individuals living vastly different lives, there will always be examples of someone who has dedicated hundreds of hours to cooking, to managing a flourishing social life, to music, or art.

There will always be someone who puts their all into looking good online, and you will always have someone to fall short in comparison to. There is no solution, and you cannot be the best at everything. 

Creating abundance means self-appreciation, and this is not possible without putting down the phone, appreciating the hard work of yourself and other people, and turning once again to all that you love. 

You only get one life – if your hobbies, work and family bring you joy, count yourself one of the fortunate ones, because that is all that matters. 

Agate helps with slowing down and reminding yourself to have self-compassion bringing awareness to the present moment, your life.

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Practice gratitude by setting intentions. 

As much as you can know that you have much to be grateful for, actually feeling it is another story. 

If you want to start off down the path of finding your happiness, read our previous post on how to set intentions with gemstones and candles. It’s a spiritual, multi-step process that can radically transform how you live your life. 

Set specific abundance mindset affirmations that acknowledge all that you have, embrace your current path, and also set new intentions and manifest your deepest wishes. 

Accept your flaws. 

No one is perfect. 

Every single person on this earth has nagging doubts, a vicious inner voice that tells them untruths about who they are and what they do. 

And every single person has real flaws that hurt them and their loved ones. Impatience, ingratitude, anxiety, a temper. You are human. 

Accept that you deserve love, no matter your flaws, and that your loved ones deserve the best version of you that you can provide. These two truths are not mutually exclusive. You can love yourself, and deserve love, while still working to be the best person you can possibly be. 

Take some time to reflect during your meditations and journaling sessions this week on what you’d like to improve. Be radically honest with yourself. Then, set out a plan for how to begin to make changes. 

Even something as easy as counting to ten rather than getting angry when faced with a difficult situation can help. If you struggle with impulsiveness or extreme emotions, read our blog post on how to balance your energy and heal. You can find the peace you seek.

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Lapis helps with channeling confidence and clarity, and our Moonlit Drop Earrings will give you that little extra boost during the day to feel like your best self. Simple, small steps every day build up to a larger picture, and you deserve to know your best self.

Give without expecting to receive in return. 

Expectations are tricky. 

It’s kind to help someone out when they’re in a bind – it’s cruel to hold it against them later. 

Often, what steals our joy is expectations. Expecting that what matters to you matters to someone else, expecting that you will receive what you’re owed. But life rarely works out that way. 

All humans are messy, and you set others up to fail when your happiness relies on their reciprocity. That isn’t to say that you should only give, and never receive – if a relationship is one-sided, it’s time to move on. 

What will happen is that, when you release others from your expectations, their returned generosity and moments of kindness are pleasant surprises that fill you with warmth rather than a purchased exchange. 

Stay focused and driven on your journey of life. 

No matter what you choose to spend your time on, you are being carried through life. In seven years, whether you have spent your time on creating abundance and gratitude or on chasing false dreams, you will be seven years older. Use that time well. 

It’s incredible to see what life can be like when you are dedicated to making small, everyday changes. 

We wrote about these small changes in our article about how to thrive in your journey of life. Take the leap, explore new possibilities, embrace creativity, feel all that you can feel, and you will never feel a lack of abundance again.

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Creating abundance means so much more than you might think. 

In a world of diversity of appearance, wealth, and backgrounds, it’s impossible to have everything you could possibly want. It is possible, however, to strive for great things while feeling fulfilled with all that you have been given. 

Money cannot bring you happiness. Security, yes. Peace of mind, yes. But happiness? No. 

That’s why it’s so important to focus on the good. Live a life of gratitude, practice abundance mindset exercises and affirmations, and feel the joy that can only come from your experience of being part of this earth. 

It is possible to bring yourself into balance. You just have to want to get there. 

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