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As we look forward to another rotation around the sun, take this opportunity to usher in closure.  

Each year is full of challenges and opportunities alike. The new year offers the chance for a fresh start and new life. Honor the close of this chapter with end of year gifts that bring closure and look onward to the possibilities ahead. 

As we prepare to face new cycles of uncertainty, put to rest those that you’re ready to move on from. Reflect deeply on the personal challenges you and your loved ones have overcome. 

Accept the feeling of truly forgiving and being forgiven, embrace gratitude for all the ways you have supported one another, and find peace and balance in a new, clean slate. There’s no better way to holistically celebrate the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next than with meaningful gifts for new beginnings. 

We’ve delved deep into our collection of gemstone jewelry and decided on 7 end of year gifts for closure and new beginnings for you to realize your intentions and take the first step forward. 

Yellow topaz channels the energy of giving thanks. 

Yellow topaz shines as one of November's birthstones. As the gem of harmony and hospitality, it fully represents the month of giving thanks. Choosing this gemstone allows us to be grateful for the year that has passed by and open ourselves to new cycles.

Set your intention for closure with Yellow Topaz: “I am grateful for what has been.”

Set your intention for the new cycle: “I am free from the past, and I allow my emotions space to grow anew.” 

Gift our Daisy Yellow Topaz Ring to symbolize that you are embracing gratitude, and you want a clean slate for a new beginning. When you feel negativity from the past begin to ensnare you, channel Topaz’s energy of harmony and healing, and set yourself free. 

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Allow Black Jasper and Clear Quartz to clear your mind, preparing you to take in all you have learned and all you will learn.

Every day is an opportunity to learn something. You might learn that you love a new thing, or that sometimes you have to protect yourself. Lessons can be hard-fought or bright epiphanies. 

Set your intention for closure with Black Jasper and Clear Quartz: “No matter how difficult the lesson, I am only better for having learned it.”

Set your intention for the new cycle: “I embrace new opportunities to open my eyes and take in more experiences.”

Black Jasper and Clear Quartz work in tandem to clear your mind and ground yourself in your new paradigm. This mindful gift idea helps you let each lesson sink in, and keep you open-minded to encounter new ones. Don’t be afraid of the next challenge – embrace it.


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Amethyst helps you find your inner peace, even when you’ve experienced change. 

Change can be terrifying, but it’s what makes us human. Life would go by too quickly if we became complacent – finding ways to change and find new experiences, even if they’re small, helps time seem to pass by slower. 

Set your intention for closure with Amethyst: “I make my peace with all the ways I have changed.”

Set your intention for the new cycle: “I look forward to change and I am committed to making change part of my life.”

Amethyst helps you find your inner peace when we’ve experienced huge changes in our lives. Even if our circumstances seem to be in turmoil, or we don’t seem to recognize ourselves, this end of year gift will bring you into balance and make change part of your life. 


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Let serpentine attract wealth and remove barriers.

You don’t need to feel like every missed opportunity is a tragic loss. You will always find the path you were meant to in the end. 

Set your intention for closure with Serpentine: “I accept that to open a new door, the old one must close.”

Set your intention for the new cycle: “I know that no challenge is too great for me, and I am ready to find a new path forward and bring abundance into my life.”

Serpentine ushers in good fortune. When you wear serpentine on your person, you can rest assured in the knowledge that when an opportunity doesn’t work it, that means it wasn’t meant for you. It’s impossible to know how things would’ve worked out, and easy to assume that it would’ve been the best choice – but that’s not always the case. Use each door closing as a chance to search for a brand new opportunity to let good things come your way. 

stones for wealth

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Find your self love with Black Obsidian and White Onyx.

It’s all too easy to forget who all of this growth and change is for: You. You will always have yourself. 

Set your intention for closure with Black Obsidian and White Onyx: “I understand that there is no such thing as perfection.”

Set your intention for the new cycle: “I will love myself and those around me the best that I can, no matter what happens.”

Let your loved one know that they deserve happiness and self love by giving them the end of year gift of a Black Obsidian or White Onyx pendant. Its solid, comforting weight and powerful energy helps the wearer re-center inwards, finding radical self appreciation and acceptance. 

stones for self-love

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Find your courage with Aquamarine.

It’s so easy to find self-doubt and overwhelm when closing one cycle and beginning a new one. You don’t know what next year will bring, so wearing this gem will allow you to go headfirst into new things without the overwhelm and anxiety.

Set your intention for closure with Aquamarine: “I will let go of my fears and insecurities.”

Set your intention for the new cycle: “I will let courage guide my new journey.”

Allow aquamarine to channel its energy into your life to ground you to take control of your actions and stand by them firmly.

stones for courage

Trust your instincts and insights with Tiger’s Eye.

Our minds are many times our biggest barriers to let go and move forward. Wearing this gem allows you to settle in your inner truth and wisdom to listen to the thoughts that matter.

Set your intention for closure with Tiger’s Eye: “I will not let irrelevant thoughts bring me down.”

Set your intention for the new cycle: “I will listen to my own truth.”

Don’t let thoughts get in the way of closing cycles. Learn to let go and listen. Deep inside you already know what is real and no one can take your truth away from you. Tiger’s eye will help with channeling this inner wisdom.

stones for wisdom

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Use these end of year gifts to find what you’ve been searching for. 

Finding the perfect end of year gifts for friends can seem tricky, but when you understand what you’re celebrating, it becomes easier. 

Learning how to close cycles and embrace new beginnings is part of life. When you search out positive energy gifts that embrace truly finding yourself, you understand even more clearly what it means to find balance and peace in the universe. 

Sharing these intentions and experiences with your loved ones goes beyond a simple holiday. Gifts for new beginnings hold symbolic weight and meaning, and will bring your hearts ever closer to self acceptance and self love, together and apart. 

Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us at Daria Day. We’ve had to learn and grow alongside you, and are forever grateful that you’ve made this past year possible.

Without you, we would not be able to put a voice to our message of self love, growth, and balance. 

Even more importantly, this year, your support has provided ethical wages to our talented women artisans in Northern Pakistan. Your choice to support ethically sourced gemstones empowers women, and without you, their lives couldn’t have been changed. Thank you. 

To continue alongside us on the path to radical self-acceptance, subscribe to our newsletter. Let’s step together into a new year. 

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