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At Daria Day we love to tell you stories. We have shared stories of our artisans, their life, and their land. Today, we are kicking off a new blog series called Good People Doing Good Things. Through this blog series, we will be sharing stories of other small business entrepreneurs who are doing their bit to make the world a little better. We hope that these stories will bring a little joy to your day and show you that we are all connected and that we will get through this strange and challenging time together. 


First up in our series is Christal Earle, the co-founder, and CEO of Brave Soles.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Christal last week and learned more about what inspires her and her brand.

Christal's journey to Brave soles begins 12 years ago. 

As the founder of an international youth humanitarian organization, Christal (co-founder and CEO) had been working and learning from a local community of garbage dump workers since 2005 on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  

For Christal, every day that she worked alongside the people in that community was an adventure in laughter, connection, and the hard truths about our shared humanity. There were, however, also a heartbreaking amount of tires. They were a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases, and they were a toxic nightmare.

In 2010, an unexpected turn of events in Christal’s journey left her facing the fact that she was going to have to rebuild her life between two countries. She was now torn between Canada, where her career was based, and the Dominican Republic, where her adopted daughter couldn’t leave. Like many parents around the world, she figured out a way to make it work.

But all the time, the question was still there: “What could be done with all the tires that are dumped everywhere?”

In early 2017, the idea struck for the first time. Why not use tires for soles on beautiful hand made shoes - and create a way to help the most vulnerable people in the process?

man hand cutting soles for shoes

Christal explains that the soles of the shoes are cut directly out of tires in the landfills and dumping grounds of the Dominican Republic. They are purely reclaimed and upcycled. 

"We are proud of the simple, honest process of how each of our products is born into the world." - Christal Earle

Bravesoles has also recently launched a new collection made entirely from aircraft plane seats, aptly named the Aircraft Collection. The beautiful thing about this collection is that every part of the seat has been used in the collection - from the vinyl lining to the velcro. 

This is why we adore Christal at Daria Day. Her curiosity, her ingenuity and, her love for people and planet shine through in her brand. As Christal says, Brave Soles' mission is to make fashion that is kind to both the people and the planet.

"We're helping to create a better future for both - at a fair price."



brown sandal

The Avarca - A flirty peep-toe sandal perfect for those afternoon walks we all take nowadays.

The Jasmine - A minimalist sandal with cross ankle straps that pairs perfectly with your dress or shorts.


The Heather Envelope Clutch  - Use this as a clutch or wear it as a crossbody, we love this clutch for its versatility. Part of the Aircraft Collection.


Use the code DARIADAY20 to get 20% off any purchase on Brave Soles.


This blog is part of a series at Daria Day featuring stories of people doing amazing things to make the world a little better. If you know someone we could feature, please email us at

Stay tuned for more good people doing good things.

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