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After the past year, it’s time we refocus and celebrate the most important moments in our lives. Meaningful jewelry can make any occasion a little more special. 

Jewelry and accessories make us feel more like ourselves. A favorite pendant, pair of earrings, or bracelet can put the finishing touches on our best outfits and give us an extra boost of confidence. 

But that’s not all jewelry is. It can also be incredibly meaningful. Carefully chosen adornments can symbolize togetherness, closeness, love, and commitment, like engagement rings and wedding bands. 

The powerful energies of gemstone jewelry can also make an impact in our lives, becoming part of our very essence.   

When you embrace and live out the positive energies of gemstones, it impacts how you feel and how you think. And thinking positively is a self-sustaining cycle, improving our health, our self-image, and our relationships! So why not wear meaningful jewelry anytime we can?  

Wear a gemstone necklace everywhere you go.  

Gemstones carry powerful energies that, when intentionally channeled, can help you become your happiest, most productive, mindful self. Plus, wearing them allows the energy to flow to your heart. 

Healing power multi gemstone mala

Shop our Healing Power Multi-Gemstones Mala

Our multi-stone mala is especially powerful, combining the energy of Lapis, Pink Chalcedony, Yellow Quartz, Green Chalcedony, and Quartz together to infuse their combined powers of healing, clarity, optimism, creativity, joy, and purpose into your life. 

You can style it like a regular necklace, or even wrap it around your wrist for a layered bracelet look! Whatever you choose, this meaningful jewelry will carry with it personal joy. 

Woman wearing Meaningful jewelry

This gemstone mala can be worn with any outfit, and may even be most effective when paired with intentional practices like mindful yoga, meditation, or self-reflection - so athleisure might be the way to go. 

But gemstone necklaces are beautiful enough to add a spark of glamour to formal evening wear or casual brunch. Dress them up or down depending on your mood for the day.  

Style matching jewelry with your loved ones.

Jewelry can also remind us of important people in our lives. When we receive a gift from someone, every time we wear it we think of them. It can bring happiness, joy, and tenderness to remember how valued your friendship is, and how they’ve been there for you through good times and bad. 

We consider pure gemstone jewelry to be one of the most meaningful gifts out there. When you give someone our jewelry, you’re not only letting them know you’re thinking of them, but that you’ve thought specifically about their preferences, tastes, and personal goals when choosing a gemstone!

Lapis gemstone jewelry set

Shop our Take Courage Lapis Necklace and our Guided by Wisdom Lapis Silver Hoops.  

Gifting matching sets of gorgeous gemstone jewelry with a loved one can help you bond over shared experiences and dreams. Let them know that you’re always thinking of the connection you share, and that you will always be there to support them. 

Lapis is especially poignant, as it inspires confidence and spiritual clarity. But you can choose a gemstone based on any intention that is special to you and your friend, especially if it’s delicate, and easy to wear all the time. Think “best friend” necklaces all grown up.

For specifics on some gemstones to find the perfect gift, you can check out our Gemstone Academy. If those don’t speak to you, we’ve written guides for stones for protection, clarity of mind, and prosperity and abundance

Whatever energies your friend needs in order to succeed, there’s a stunning gemstone to help them through to the best parts of life. 

Celebrate a special occasion.

Studies are coming out that our sense of touch is incredibly important to creating and retaining memories - much more than previously thought. That means that commemorating special occasions, like anniversaries, weddings, or vacations, with a gift makes that memory stronger and longer-lasting. 

Bracelets put the finishing touches on any outfit, and they can be worn every day. They don’t get in the way, and they’re dazzling, but subtle. 

Gemstone bracelets

Shop Daria Day’s bracelet collection

Celebrate yourself or someone else on a special day to create mindful longevity. Relive the best days of your life over and over with a little physical reminder, like meaningful jewelry. 

Wear your values. 

Your choice of jewelry can be a conscious part of your daily routine. 

Wear meaningful jewelry that not only means something to you, but connects you to the artisans who worked to handcraft each piece. 

ethical jewelry

Meet Nahida, one of our talented artisans, who hopes to pursue jewelry design.

Sparking purpose in your outfits isn’t always personal to just you. The world is connected through global networks of support, empowerment, and compassion. 

When you wear ethically sourced gemstones, you are not only channeling the powers of meaningful jewelry in your own life, but creating opportunities for meaning in the lives of others - like the women in Pakistan who handcraft each of our ethically sourced pieces. 

Meaningful jewelry allows you to channel positive energy all day, every day. 

Gemstones are breathtaking, natural works of art that come from the earth itself. They carry deep meaning, and help to remind us that we are part of something larger than ourselves. Compassion, optimism, love, and careful intentions flow into the accessories we choose. 

Why choose to adorn yourself with anything but the most wholesome, holistically positive jewelry out there? Live your best life with Daria Day. 

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How to spark your outfits with meaningful jewelry

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