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A gemstone for New Beginnings. Moonstone has fascinated gem aficionados for centuries. The Ancient Romans and Indians believed that the gemstone was made of moonbeams and could foretell the future. And as with the moon, moonstone has the power to nourish, give passion and awaken your feminine energy. 

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How to Identify Moonstone

Moonstone is part of the feldspars mineral family.  It’s an opalescent stone that can be found colorless, peach, pink, green, gray, yellow, brown, or blue.

One way to determine the authenticity of a moonstone is by the stone's adularescence. A real moonstone will always have a blue sheen, while a fake moonstone’s sheen will change with a change in background lighting.

Real moonstone’s structure also has layers and scarring. A fake moonstone, on the other hand, will appear as one solid piece of stone with no layers or scars. You may find moonstone with less scars and layers, appearing clearer and more pure, however it will always have some sort of layering and scarring. 

As ancient as the moon, the meaning of moonstone lies within its energy. This iridescent gemstone is linked to awakening your feminine energy and enhancing your intuition.  

Gemstone Meaning

This beautiful gem also has a long history of use as a talisman for fertility, love, protection, and sleep. In Eastern cultures, “lighted” gems, such as moonstone, indicated good luck.

The ever-changing, white reflections on its surface, which gemologists call adularescence, seemed to suggest a powerful, good spirit dwelled within.

Since the Moon renews itself every month, some supposed moonstone could help wearers regain or retain a more youthful appearance and bearing.

Lovers often exchanged moonstones, especially after quarreling, to help restore love and tranquility. 

Healing Properties

Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness.

Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

It was also believed to be able to reunite loved ones who had parted in anger.

Moonstone is also the stone of love and eroticism, stimulating the kundalini energy and carnal desires. It is the ultimate fertility gemstone. 

How to Use Moonstone Gemstones in Your Daily Life

Moonstone is known for its calming, soothing qualities on the emotional body, if you have a high stress job, or the kids are being particularly "energetic" it's the ideal stone to keep on you or wear as jewelry.

Moonstone is a must while travelling, it protects and is calming, especially great if you have a daily commute. Frequent travelers can also keep one in the glove compartment or suitcase for safe driving and as protection against road rage or airport meltdowns. 

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