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It’s time to acknowledge that moms make the world go round. 

Our mothers are experts in about a million different careers. Moms are caterers, schedule managers, stylists, therapists, and crisis response teams all in one. That means that this year, choosing the perfect ethical mother’s day gift for your one-and-only incredible mom is more important than ever.

The secret to picking out the perfect gift is thoughtfulness. Reflect deeply on who your mother really is. You might be tempted to think about all the responsibilities moms have, like cooking or cleaning, and use them to choose a gift. 

But, really, many moms would love to receive something personal to her. Help her embrace her beauty with jewelry, support her in her personal craft or hobby, or pick out the perfect decorative piece she’d love - but don’t, for any reason, get her a vacuum, no matter how nice it is. 

Mother’s day connects mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers across generations. Finding matching mother’s day gifts for all the mothers in your family is a tender way to show your appreciation for the way you’ve been raised, and the hope for those you’ve raised yourself.

Gift reflection and intentional living this mother’s day with the powerful energies of gemstones.

Mindful gift ideas

Gemstones carry different energies, all of which help embrace the joys and challenges of life. With these ethical mother’s day gifts, we’ll help you find the perfect gemstone to match your mother’s energy to help her center around intentional living and mindfulness, no matter her focus. 

1- Help her realize self love with the Self Compassion Agate Drop Earrings. 

Self compassion ethical earrings

Being a mom is full of challenges. It can be so hard for them to take time for themselves when they’re busy running around taking care of everyone else. 

Agate carries a loving, soft energy, reminding you to slow down and focus inward. Mothers radiate kindness, compassion, and love - these earrings serve as a gentle reminder to save some of that warmth for themselves.

Shop Self Compassion Agate Drop Earrings.

2- Support your joyful, energetic, purpose-driven mom with the Healing Power Multi-Gemstones Mala. 


Multi gemstones Mala

This string of gems combines Lapis, Pink Chalcedony, Yellow Quartz, Green Chalcedony, and Quartz, stringing together their soothing colors and unique energies. Their healing properties complement each other, lending the wearer clarity, optimism, creativity, joy, and purpose. 

If your mom is known for her fire and purpose-driven attitude, or has felt like these qualities are lacking, then this striking Mala necklace is perfectly suited to remind her of her goals and grant her the energies she needs to accomplish them. She’ll be able to feel centered and embrace positivity!

Shop Healing Power Multi-Gemstones Mala

3- The anxieties of motherhood sometimes need a little soothing. The Journey in Faith Chalcedony Bracelet can help. 

Chalcedony bracelet

If your mother needs a little optimism, stability, and calm, then Chalcedony is the stone for her. Motherhood is full of challenges, and it can be exhausting to constantly find a way through and around issues both for herself and her family. 

These soothing blue-green or soft pink tones are beautifully complementary, and their luxurious, gentle weight on her wrist will help her focus her energies on abundance and tranquility. 

Shop Journey in Faith Chalcedony Bracelet

4- If she’s looking to fulfill her highest potential, then she may be especially happy with the Grounded in healing Rutile Quartz Ring. 

Rutile quartz ring

Each woman has a purpose, a goal, and the potential to meet self-actualization. Rutilated Quartz gives her the ability to live her life to the fullest, becoming exactly who she’s meant to be. This stunning stone can calm her anxieties and guide her to her highest point. 

Shop Grounded in Healing Rutile Quartz Ring. 

5- Gift your mother the space to explore and reflect with a mindfulness-centered yoga class. 

Yoga can be incredibly helpful for busy parents who need time for themselves, to reflect, focus, and direct their intentions and energies inwards. Practices for Mindful Motherhood allow moms re-focus within their day-to-day, keeping the intentions of the gemstone you’ve chosen for her  at the forefront of her mind. 

But giving her a certificate or subscription to guided meditation or yoga can give her a no-excuses opportunity to take time completely alone, just for herself.


6- Help her embrace her inner self mastery with the Healing Hearts Black Obsidian Pendant. 

Obsedian pendant

Help your mother channel self-confidence and take direction of her own life with this charming black obsidian pendant, otherwise known as the “Stone of Self Mastery.” 

Mothers possess an innate wisdom, having to make hard decisions their - and your - entire life. This stone helps her feel confident in her knowledge, and grants her the ability to think quickly on her feet for holistic decision-making. She’s been there for all the most difficult parts of your life, and now is the chance to give back through a gem that reorganizes imbalances in the soul and offers protection through the difficult times of change that come about. 

Shop Healing Hearts Black Obsidian Pendant

7- If your mother struggles with negativity, or just chooses to focus on joy, the Healing Hearts White Onyx Pendant is perfect for her. 

White Onyx pendant

Bare your heart and make her smile with the soft purity of white onyx. This stone helps the wearer cleanse negative energy and usher in positivity.

When you gift this pendant, you’re recognizing your mother’s eternal positivity, and offering support and compassion through difficult times. 

Shop Healing Hearts White Onyx Pendant. 

8- Send her some protection and healing energy with the Inner Peace Amethyst Pendant. 

Amethyst pendant

This stone is gorgeous and elegant, perfect for understated beauty. Gifting this tumbled amethyst gemstone is to gift protection from unhealthy environments and negativity. Your mother is beautiful, and has carried a delicate strength throughout her time as your caretaker. Show her that you understand the struggles she’s gone through to be there for you, and now be there for her in turn. 
Shop Inner Peace Amethyst Pendant.


9- Give the gift of relaxation and enjoy a spa day with mom. 

It’s so rare that moms get the chance to completely relax, with no tasks except to enjoy their time. And, as we grow older, it’s more and more difficult to get one-on-one time with the woman who raised you - so a spa day is the perfect chance to get in some luxurious pampering and quiet quality time. 

Of course, any spa day is better if she’s wearing the beautiful adornment you picked out just for her. The energies in stunning gemstone pieces will surround and support her as she’s settling into the enjoyment of true self-care. 

Spa day gift idea

10- Light her intrinsic passion for life with the Roots of Passion Ruby Ring. 

Pink Gemstone ring

Mothers are not just mothers. They are fiercely vibrant, strong, and passionate. She may have put some things on hold to take care of you - but that doesn’t mean her joy for life and hobbies is extinguished. 

Show her you value her personhood, her unique qualities, and her fire for life with Ruby. It will guide her, give her peace, and further inspire her passion and integrity. It’s also wonderful for those who can be passionate to a fault - it helps resolve disputes and drives away frightful dreams and anxieties. 

Shop Roots of Passion Ruby Ring


These 10 ethical mother’s day gifts each speak to helping your mom explore her life inside and outside of motherhood. 

Each woman is unique, and mothers are not exempt from this rule. 

The nature of motherhood is giving outward. Your entire life, she has gifted her time, energy, passion, focus, and creativity towards raising you. The gemstones in these adornments honor this commitment. They’re ethically sourced, and created by women artisans in Pakistan, many of whom are mothers themselves. 

That means when you gift these ethical gems this mother’s day, you’re uplifting every woman involved in the process along the way. We explained how ethically sourced gemstones empower women last October to give you some insight into how your gifting choices can change lives. 

It’s time to honor your mother not only in what she means to you, but in what she means to herself. Creativity, anxiety, passion, stress, joy, sorrow, love, strength, tranquility - these powerful emotions and energies lie within your mother as a person first. 

With these ethical mother’s day gifts, help her to reflect on these feelings, returning to her truest self through mindful living and self-compassion.

At Daria Day, it’s our mission to help you live mindfully, uplifting yourself and those around you. Subscribe to our newsletter for more. 

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