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Life can be stressful.

Whether we’re experiencing new challenges like moving to a new place or just dealing with the ins and outs of everyday life, our emotions can get the best of us. Sometimes it feels like we need a reminder to just breathe - and that’s where gemstone bracelets come in. 

How can gemstones help?

Gemstones have long been used for soothing tension and feeling safe and calm. Some cultures, ancient and modern, even wield these stones to help heal or protect themselves and others who need it. Regardless of your personal connection to gemstones, they can provide a gentle reminder to slow down, trust in yourself and the energy around you, and practice mindfulness. When you wear a gemstone bracelet, you make a choice to constantly surround yourself with whichever energy you choose. Different gemstones carry different intentions and energies, so we’re here to help you find the one that’s perfect for you. 

 Which Gemstone Bracelet Should I Choose?

The type of gemstone bracelet you choose is very personal. Each one of us carries around different struggles, and so we should seek out the gemstones that hold the right energy we need to heal. Whether you are quick to anger, easily fall into melancholy, or just want general peace of mind, there is a gemstone bracelet that will complement your needs. 

Let’s get started. What do you need help with?

1- I feel like I get overwhelmed by the stressors around me.

Amazonite can help. Its gorgeous, calming hue serves as a reminder of its function, which is to block out stressors and soothe nervous energy. 

2- I feel like I have trouble staying grounded.

 Black Jasper roots you to the earth, allowing you to stay upright amidst the crashing waves of emotion that can accompany life. 

black jasper gemstone bracelet

3- I feel like I’ve been stuck in a creative rut.

Feldspar’s soft, quietly colorful hues showcase the variation within us all - our thoughts, our feelings, our creative interests. You, too, are multifaceted, and so it’s only fitting that feldspar brings out creative thinking and new perspectives in art and in life. 

feldspar gemstone bracelet

4- I feel like sometimes I can’t trust my own judgement.

Lapis has a deep, invaluable energy that comes from your core. The gemstone of honor and spiritual vision, lapis allows you to channel your inner wisdom to find the truth. We have to make so many difficult decisions, but this rich blue stone serves as a reminder that we are capable. 

lapis gemstone bracelet

5- I feel like I’ll never be able to support myself.

Garnet is another bold, dark stone, but its glossy finish and deep, deep red color showcases luxury and prosperity, just like its energy. Garnet allows you to manifest abundance within your own life, helping you to empower yourself and make strides towards your goals. 

garnet gemstone bracelet


6- I feel like I can’t overcome my anxiety about the future.

Tiger eye speaks to the earth with its warm, golden-brown tone as a reminder to keep you grounded within yourself rather than allowing anxieties and fears overwhelm you. It releases the fear and anxiety that accompanies life, helping you to stay mindful.

tiger eye gemstone bracelet


7- I feel like I can’t find my peace.

Golden Agate shares the warm honey tones of other stones, but its soothing sunset hues allow for inner harmony and peace. It helps you to find your center and feel as though you’re watching the sun go down, knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. 

golden agate gemstone bracelet

8- I feel as though I’ve lost my inspiration.

Tourmaline is the gemstone of the inspiration and happiness that comes from being one with the earth. It has many forms, and so mixed tourmaline bracelets capture the spectrum of healing energies that allow you to find your joy again.

tourmaline gemstone bracelet

9- I want to set out on my own, but I don’t know how. 

Green and red jasper work in tandem to allow you to set out with conviction. The dark red jasper sparks your inner confidence and independence, while the contrasting soft green jasper grants you the emotional clarity to know just where you’re headed.

green and red jasper bracelet

10- I feel as though I can’t escape negative mental energy.

Amethyst is striking, bold, and beautiful. It has long been treasured for its stunning purple color, as well as its ability to block negative energy. Some people sleep with it under their pillow to protect them, but amethyst bracelets allow you to keep this protection with you throughout the day. 

amethyst gemstone bracelet

At Daria Day, we believe in the power of gemstone bracelets to help you achieve your goals and practice mastery over your own life. Mindfulness comes in many forms, and these constant reminders of your capacity for inner peace, joy, independence, and inspiration can work wonders in your life. 

We also believe in ethical, sustainable practices. We employ empowered women, helping them to set out on their own and achieve their goals while combating poverty in Pakistan. See our carefully curated collection of gemstone bracelets and other jewelry to make the choice that’s right for you.

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