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It’s time to reconnect to your inner intuition.

Humans possess an innate capacity for wisdom. Our senses subconsciously pick up on situations and feelings that we might not even be aware of. When you begin to trust yourself fully, your path will become illuminated before your eyes. 

Having wisdom doesn’t mean that you know everything, and it doesn’t mean that you’re always right. But it does mean that you trust yourself to make the best decision for you, given the information at your fingertips

The perspectives of others have so much to offer you, and when you open your mind to other viewpoints and ideas, you may surprise yourself with creative solutions.

You must accept that you don’t have all the answers. But you can look to stones for wisdom to help you channel the abilities that you do have, and find the truth within.

1- Tiger’s Eye grounds you in the truth.

Wisdom means discerning the truth of the matter when it is available to you. Tiger’s Eye connects you to what’s right. Its warm, earthy tones and energies help you stay grounded in reality and apply a keen, realistic eye to your life.

2- Peridot, the stone of innocence, allows you to trust your inner intuition.

You may have become jaded throughout your life. You may expect the worst, or feel like you can’t trust yourself when it comes to difficult decisions. Peridot banishes these preconceptions, bringing you balanced optimism and alignment.

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3- Nephrite Jade taps into your good fortune. 

Luck is on your side. When you connect to the good fortune that Nephrite Jade channels, you can trust your own direction and know that things will work out for the best. Good decision making means believing that you can take a leap of faith, and with the powerful energies of this stone for wisdom, you can feel peace with the knowledge that you will achieve success.

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4- Yellow Quartzite injects joy, loosening the hold of worries that could cloud your judgement.

Yellow Quartzite connects you to joy, wonder, and positivity. When you think negative thoughts, they bog down your thought process and lead you to fear-based decision making - this blocks true wisdom. In reality, joy-based decision making helps you to realize the goodness in following your heart. It’s called the “Joy of Missing Out,” and it’s what connects you to your inner desires.

Stones for wisdom can take the form of positivity, self-confidence, and happiness. Yellow Quartzite, when combined with the clarity of thought of Clear Quartz, is powerful. 

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5- Serpentine removes the barriers to wisdom in your life. 

Serpentine lets you cross the mental barriers that prevent you from extending your intuition out to the fullest. Channel its energies, and create a bridge across unproductive thoughts. It will help you parse out the best course of action, no matter your circumstances.

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6- Smoky Quartz helps calm the mind, leading to unfettered decision making.

Feeling at peace with yourself and your options helps you on your path to insightfulness. Think about it: when you’re stressed and looking for a way out, are you really making the best decisions? Of course not. 

Inner calm and fortitude helps to guide, and Smoky Quartz is a stone for wisdom that takes the path of least resistance. Rest easy in the knowledge that you will be alright, you have the capacity to make the best choices for you, and that you can find the answer. 

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7- Last but not least, Lapis is the stone for wisdom.

Lapis channels true wisdom. All other stones for wisdom help you channel joy, peace, freedom from mental barriers, and good fortune, but Lapis is the end-all-be-all stone for inner intuition. Luxurious, gorgeous, deep blue tones help stimulate good judgement. When you channel the power of Lapis, the well of your wisdom runs deep and true. Plus, wearing lapis near your ears will awaken your thoughts and mind, helping you channel your upper body energy.

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If Lapis particularly intrigues you, you’re not alone. We wrote a guide for all the Lapis properties that help you when you’re in stressful environments. It will help you banish external stressors and let you focus inwards.

Wisdom comes from within.

You are already capable of finding your inner wisdom. Stones for wisdom just help you along the way. 

Trusting your gut feelings, accepting perspectives from those closest to you, and accepting the things you cannot know all lead you on the path to true insight. 

You may be surprised when the solutions to your challenges make themselves known to you. Inspiration strikes at the oddest times, and constantly staying ready to embrace creativity, novelty, excitement, and joy will prime you to accept wisdom, even when it subverts your expectations. 

Channel joy, even in moments where you need a little wisdom. We’ll be here to help you along the way - just subscribe to our newsletter. 

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