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The mind is an incredibly powerful tool. 

Scientists have recently begun to consider the fact that the power of your mind can bring you real peace, both physically and mentally. Harnessing this power alongside the healing properties of amethyst can allow you to evolve into your true self. 

amethyst healing properties

Though many natural remedies to mental and physical pain have been doubted by the medical community, science has recently turned its gaze to something that was previously misunderstood - the power of the mind.  

Even when they know that they have been given placebos, patients have reported curing chronic fatigue or even successfully recovering from difficult organ transplants due to rituals that allow them to focus on healing. Now, many experiments have shown the real power of the so-called “placebo effect.” 

People who are on the road to healing will often connect themselves to one remedy or object that allows them to focus their energy on health. Some eat certain foods, undergo physical therapies, or anchor on an object - like the powerful gemstone known as amethyst. 

Many scientists and researchers believe that the true power of the mind and its healing abilities has only begun to be investigated. When you know your mind can heal you, it’s harder to sell you expensive monthly prescriptions! 

Though there are many illnesses that require medical advice, the art of empowering your own body to heal itself should not be overlooked.

So how does this align with the healing properties of amethyst? 

Amethyst has long been used for clarity of mind and bodily health. 

Amethyst Healing Properties and Why Gemstones Actually Work

It gets its name from the Ancient Greek word ametusthos, meaning “not intoxicated,” and it has played a key role in many Ancient cultures for similar purposes - clarity and peace of mind. It was even used during the Renaissance for protection! 

Such a stone has a powerful history of healing energy, as it has been used in countless cultures and time periods. From Ancient Egypt to China to Rome, every society knew of its value and relied on its healing in order to keep themselves safe. Even Catholic Bishops wore amethyst! 

Armed with the knowledge that the mind can heal when given the right tools and that amethyst is a powerful anchor for peace, calm, and healing energies, it comes as no surprise that many people choose to pair wearable gems like Daria Day’s Inner Peace Amethyst Pendant or Radiant Amethyst Bracelet with mindfulness practices to bring order and healing to their lives.

Pair amethyst with mindfulness practices to allow yourself to start healing, bringing peace to your mind and body. 

So now we know that the power of the mind can heal you, and that people use anchors such as gemstones to encourage this healing. But how do you get started?

First, you have to believe in yourself and your own ability. You know this will work - so let yourself relax and trust the process.

Then, you turn to the powerful tool of mindfulness. The art of mindfulness is the art of reminding yourself where you are - that everything is okay, that you are in a moment in time and you are alive and breathing. 

During mindfulness meditation, when you sit or lay down, focus on your breath, and allow your mind to clear, you can then introduce your healing anchor. Keep amethyst on your person, whether you hold the gemstone or even wear something like Radiant Amethyst Drop Earrings, and let your breathing slow. 

As your mind clears, tune in to the gem and its healing properties. Remind yourself that your body can heal, that your mind can heal, and that the stone you hold has a rich history. Centuries of people have focused on that same energy, using that same stone.  

Mindfulness practices that focus on peace, calm, healing, and acceptance can actually make you happier.

People who practice mindfulness report feeling calmer, less judgemental, and truly happier. It’s accessible to anyone at any time, and there is an abundance of evidence that the practice will help you overcome struggles in your life.

Mindfulness heals the gap between who you are and who you wish you were, allowing you to focus on the present. The healing properties of amethyst paired with these practices can boost your immune system, allow you to regulate your hormones effectively, enhance your sobriety, and even help you sleep at night. 

At Daria Day, we make it our mission to help you achieve true healing. We hope to help you practice mindful meditation, to recognize the power of your own mind, and allow your body to mend itself. 

We created our curated jewelry collection for the empowered person seeking true inner peace, and we believe that with the help of our talented artisans, we can help you to realize your full potential. 

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Amethyst Healing Properties and Why Gemstones Actually Work

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