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In today’s world, taking the time to slow down can feel impossible.

We’re all in a constant revolving door of deadlines, errands, and reminders. Slowing down within our stressful environments gets difficult, but with some careful techniques and lapis properties, we can take control of our time again.

It can seem like between all our responsibilities, we don’t have time for ourselves anymore. But there are ways to fight this battle with our schedules and relearn how to take care of ourselves.

Intentionally focusing on mindfulness allows us to maintain control in stressful environments. 

Practicing calming techniques can be difficult at first, but once you begin intentionally incorporating small practices into your everyday life, they make a world of difference. 

Mindfulness begins in the morning. Set an intention for your day, and take five minutes to fully reflect on what you hope to achieve. These goals don’t have to be big - something as simple as “stay calm during these parent-teacher meetings and speak with intention” is a perfect goal. 

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Relieving stress at work and at home takes a little effort right at the beginning, but over time becomes easier and easier. Start by giving yourself a little time to really focus on any breaks you take. Settle into your morning coffee and keep your phone shut off, allowing yourself to just think. Small breaks add up clear-headedness. 

Focusing on where you are in time also leads to success. So much of our stress and anxiety happens because we’re focused on what’s in our heads, instead of where we are. Try to keep that in mind, and remember that you’re okay. 

A great way to do this is by focusing on your senses when you’re taking breaks or off the clock - where are you? How do you feel? How does your breakfast really taste, and what do you enjoy about it? This type of mindfulness practice keeps us grounded and away from becoming overwhelmed. 

Powerful lapis properties

Mindfulness may begin in the morning, but it does not end there. Practicing mindful nighttime routines can do wonders for allowing your mind to settle down for the night, signaling that it’s time to relax and sleep. 

Lighting candles, maintaining an evening skincare routine, and all-around self care allows you to fully relax. Try to keep screens to a minimum in the evening - let work emails and to-do lists wait until the next day once you’ve decided to “turn off” your brain.

Physical reminders of your intentions for calm, mindful success can also work wonders. Gemstone jewelry helps in this goal, as it is a wearable reminder to continue practicing your everyday mindfulness techniques and to stay focused.

Lapis earrings

Lapis properties encourage knowledge, wisdom, and problem-solving.

Lapis properties ensure that it’s the perfect gemstone for a busy mom or businesswoman to stay mindful throughout the day. 

Lapis Lazuli is associated with mental awareness and intuition, making it an essential gemstone for incorporating calming mindfulness into your busy life. It unlocks your ability to connect to your authentic self, which helps so much with problem-solving and learning to trust yourself. 

It enhances your cognitive ability and your inner mind, which allows you to remain clear-headed enough to remember your mindfulness techniques and to keep calm.

Whether you’re a high-powered CEO or a busy mom, keeping these reminders of mindfulness can help. 

The importance of lapis properties lies not only in its powerful energies, but also in its role as a physical reminder to slow down and focus inward when things get stressful. 

Feeling the weight of the jewelry and the smooth stones constantly brings you back to the present moment - which is where mindfulness and tranquility lie. Necklaces such as our Take Courage Lapis Pendant serve as the perfect way to stay grounded.


Lapis pendant

While lapis is the best stone for achieving mindfulness in stressful circumstances, every gemstone has its own meaning and energy. We provide more knowledge about gemstones and their properties in our Gemstone Academy.

We do our best to bring mindfulness to the forefront of your consciousness, giving you ways to take control of your stress. If you’d like more help, subscribe to our newsletter


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