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We are all capable of living out our best, most fulfilled lives. When we tap into the perfect balance of the universe and align ourselves with it, we can balance our energy and experience true neutral peace. 

Chi, prana, energy. Our “life force,” or the balance of our energies, flows into everything. We are all energy and through energy we are connected to the universe as well.

Most of us seek balance throughout our whole lives, striving for the sweet spot between all the positive and negative energies that surround us. And seeking balance doesn’t mean that something is wrong inside us, sometimes it may mean we are just seeking inner peace.

At Daria Day we’re here to help you find that balance with your mind, body and spirit to those who are open to it. Turn to these practices to “hit the reset button.” 

Start with the physical - do yoga. 

If you’re totally unfamiliar with yoga, you can do general stretches. Whatever feels good, and isn’t painful. But for energy-specific work, it’s best to do a practiced regimen, or - most effectively - a specific routine designed to help balance your energy

If you’ve never done yoga before, don’t worry. There are tons of beginner yoga resources out there to help. 

Moving the body helps to cleanse physical reminders of stress, shaking out aches and releasing hidden tension. 

It’s impossible to focus on the burdens of the mind when the burdens of the body hinder us - so do gentle exercise to shake off bodily discomfort and prepare yourself to move on to the inner work. 

Focus on relaxing the mind with meditation, intentional journaling, and silence. 

These practices are wrapped into one. They all involve reflecting deeply on your thoughts, then eventually letting them go. 

Journaling involves focusing on your inner motivations, releasing mind loops that have been bothering you or setting intentions for the future. It’s a cathartic release of pent-up mental energy that is necessary for some people to move to the next step. 

Meditation improves focus, lowers stress levels, and increases self-compassion. Try the techniques we linked to jump into the beginner’s world of practicing mindfulness. 

Taking a vow of total silence is a little extreme - but practicing silent minutes, hours, or days can help us observe our thoughts without verbally responding, and eventually, without mentally derailing. (The article we linked deals specifically with connecting to your Throat Chakra, but people may practice silence for many reasons.) 

It can also be helpful to focus on introducing new energies through gemstones of positivity and healing, like Amethyst. Amethyst is a powerful stone for healing and clarity of mind - perfect for this stage of perfecting mental balance. 

Amethyst ring

Cleanse your mind with our Sacred Awareness Amethyst Ring

Once you’ve relaxed both your body and mind with these techniques, it’s time to move on to the spiritual aspect of balancing your energy. 

Connect to your spiritual energy by cleansing your aura. 

Your aura is the energy field surrounding your body, picking up on all circumstances around you like emotions, health, or the stress of yourself or others. It can become “clogged” with psychic debris, and sometimes needs a little pick-me-up. 

Cleansing your aura can be done through mindful activities as simple as taking a relaxing shower or bath. Use aromatics and salts to create a ritualistic bathing process, visualising healing. As the water spins down the drain, imagine all your negative energy draining along with it. 

It can also be especially helpful, in times of aura cleansing, to introduce new positive energies and channel self-love and protection. You can channel the powerful self-love energies of gemstones in order to achieve balance and introduce positivity into your aura. 

Rutile Quartz Pendant

Channel the self-love energy of Clear Quartz with our Grounded in Healing Rutile Quartz Pendant

We also recommend using the powers of gemstones when practicing aura cleansing, a ritual where you comb the space around you with your hands from the top of your head down to your toes. Again, visualize your aura becoming cleansed, and then wash off the negative energy carefully when finished. 

Balance your energy by cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. 

These techniques, practices, and gemstones work in tandem to align you with the sacred state of the universe and return you back into balance. 

You’ll sleep better, feel less stress, and more easily reach emotions of joy, positivity, and optimism. Unburdening yourself from the fog that accompanies an unbalanced energy will allow your mind and body to heal itself further, moving you along the path to your ideal self. 

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How to balance your energy and heal 

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