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Self-care keeps us going throughout the busy parts of our lives. 

Between taking care of the home, the kids, our careers, endless tasks and to-do lists, it’s easy to feel burned out. That’s why creating and maintaining a simple self-care routine can keep us refreshed and able to tackle life’s challenges. 

It can seem like there just isn’t enough time to take care of ourselves, and we might figure that we’ll always be there - so why take the time to prioritize ourselves? It can wait until tomorrow. Except tomorrow is just as busy, so we push self-care to the next day, and the next… and tomorrow never comes.

Self-care means focusing inwards, and putting aside space to feel our emotions, consider new challenges, and appreciate ourselves. It doesn’t look the same for everyone - some people can’t feel grounded without meditation, while others value a multi-step skincare routine. Even just drinking a cup of tea, sitting alone and focusing on the flavor, can be self-care. 

This means that it’s easier than you might think to create a daily self-care routine. 

self-care routine

Taking the time to recognize our own emotions helps introduce stability.

The truth is, we are busy. That’s why we have to be intentional with our routines - the way to build a serious habit is to make sure that it’s incorporated flawlessly into our every day. 

Self-care should start in the mornings. They’re busy and hectic, but we can incorporate a moment of self-care into these busy mornings by inserting it into something we already do - just washing our face and applying moisturizer or sunscreen. 

When you apply your skincare, take a moment to massage and appreciate the contours of your face. 

Slow down, roll your hands over your skin, and think about how you feel, how you’re awake and alive, and how you want your day to go. You’re already taking a few moments to apply your product, so it’s the perfect time to take a moment to pause and just feel. 

When choosing your jewelry for the day, set an intention according to how you felt.

Just as how you already have a morning routine when getting ready for the day, you always choose how to accessorize for any outings. Jewelry can be powerful, and choosing which stone to wear can help you connect with a physical reminder of your intentions for the day.

For instance, these Blessed by Good Fortunes Moonstone Silver Hoops are the perfect choice for when you have an important meeting or presentation. The energies in these stones help you to feel confident in your day’s goal, as well as bring the perfect delicate touch to any outfit. 

Your self-care routine isn’t just limited to the morning.

When we arrive home after a busy day, it’s the perfect time to relax and unwind - even if you can’t do so all day.

It’s up to us to make time for exercise, meditation, or just mindful quiet. Calm the thoughts of the day and leave your worries at the door. Giving yourself a few moments for your mind to rest will help you feel like a person again, and remind you that you matter.

Life can be difficult, and our bodies can get stiff and sore. 

Ten minutes of yoga, or even just careful stretching, can heal a world of hurt. There are even gemstones to help bodily aches, like the one in this gorgeous Grounded in Healing Rutile Quartz Pendant. 

Calm the stressors of both body and mind by visualizing healing during your stretches, channeling any negative energy and lingering stiffness through the stone. The mind is a powerful tool, and using physical anchors to help guide the imagery of intaking the good and releasing the bad can help you settle in for your time at home.

Use techniques, tools, and anchors to practice mindful self-care.

Intentionally placing moments for self-care into your morning and evening routines is incredibly valuable for maintaining mental and physical health while navigating the difficult stressors of everyday life.

Self-care practices can be incorporated into so many moments, not just the ones we listed. 

Taking a quiet moment to close your eyes in the sun on your way into work, appreciating every bite of your favorite snack, stretching after you get up from your desk, telling your child your favorite part of your day - these are all mindful moments that you can interweave into your life.

Mindfulness and self-care are simple practices with huge rewards. Few things in life are free, but taking just a few seconds at various points throughout your day to appreciate the moment comes at no cost, and can improve your mental tranquility.

At Daria Day, we want to help you feel good the simple way. You deserve to take time for yourself, and appreciate all you do to live your life the best way you can. 

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How to incorporate a self-care routine

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