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Setting intentions is essential for bringing us into balance. 

Powerful rituals help ground us in what’s important. We’ll teach you how to set intentions, focusing on what you need in your life the most. 

Setting intentions is deeply personal. Only you know what you feel is missing in your life, or what you’re trying to manifest. And when you take the time to go through the steps, mindfully and with great care, your spirit will align with what you desire. 

We’ll take you through the steps of what meditation actually looks like, and how to set intentions in the most powerful way.

This is a great practice for when you’ve begun to feel that you’ve lost touch with your inner self. Take a moment and follow these steps to reconnect and check in with yourself and the universe. 

1- Choose a candle. 

Aromas play a huge part in our mood, and different scents actually put us in different frames of mind. Using candles is a wonderful way to strengthen the mind-body connection and physically take you into the right mindframe for your personal intention.

Lavender soothes the mind and helps with sleep, while Lemongrass is rejuvenating and invigorating for when you need energy. Sandalwood candles will help you focus and improve your mental clarity, and Ylang Ylang curbs negative thoughts. 

There are dozens more botanical scents, derived from essential oils, that all affect your mind in a different way. With a little research, you will find the right one for you.

Setting your intention starts at the very beginning, because aroma choice is important in effectiveness. Pair your scent for the day with your gemstone and specific intention for the best results. 

2- Choose your gemstone. 

Like scent, each gemstone helps you channel a specific energy necessary for boosting your intention’s power. 

When you use gemstone jewelry to set your intention, you not only channel energies through the stone while setting your intention, but carry it with you all day. Its presence reminds you of your goals and desires, keeping you on the path to fulfillment.

If you desire to understand your inner thoughts and discern complicated situations, read our guide for stones that encourage clarity of mind. Clear Quartz may be the most powerful of these, as it’s the stone of clarity of thought and purpose, acting as an amplifier for other surrounding gemstones and your own musings and emotions. 

Rutile quartz ring

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When you seek self-confidence, our guide to self-love and energy stones will give you some wonderful choices. Red Jasper is a favorite, as it allows you to channel the energy to take charge and lead in the way you know you can. 

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When you need healing, seek out Amethyst. We explain the powerful healing properties of Amethyst in our blog, detailing how the ancient stone has been used for the health of not only your body, but your mind. It will uplift you and guide you towards peace, free from ills.

Amethyst ring

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If you already have Amethyst and want to layer the subtleties of different stones together, Black Obsidian also helps with healing. It is more specific to healing of the mind than body, and both are essential for holistic wellbeing.

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3- Cleanse your chosen stone. 

Cleansing your gemstone frees it from negative energies that it absorbs. There are many methods of cleansing that you can do at home. 

You may run your stone under running water, or choose to instead submerge and soak it in salt water. Natural sources, like streams or the ocean, are best - but the energies within gemstones are able to be cleansed even in the modern world. Your faucet will work. 

The sun and moon are also powerful sources of cleansing. Set your stone on a windowsill or outside on the earth, and allow them to do their work. Don’t leave your gems in the sun for too long, though, as this may damage its surface. Morning is best. 

You can also encompass your gemstone in sound. The ringing of a bell, a tuning fork, or soft chanting and singing will do the trick. 

When your stone is cleansed regularly, it is time to set your intention.


4- Light the candle, connect to your gemstone, and focus inwards. 

Set aside just five minutes to set your intention, and remove yourself from those around you.

Sit cross legged in a quiet room with the candle in front of you, and your stone in your palm or on your knees. 

Take a moment to relax, letting the world fade from around you, shrinking down to just the light of your candle and the weight of your gemstone. 

This article explains the basics of setting intentions as a visualization tool, and it’s a great read to get some examples of powerful phrases you may connect with, like “I won’t be afraid to try difficult things,” and “I intend to be grateful for three things today.”

Repeat your intention to yourself, either out loud or in your mind. Truly think about what it means to you. Feel your desire for your intention, as well as your commitment to seeing it through. 

The powerful mixture of candle aromas and energies channeled through your stone will begin to surround you, grounding you in sureness. 

After a few minutes, just sit in the feeling of peace. Your eyes can be open on the candle in front of you, or closed as you retreat into your mind.

Carefully extinguish your candle, and continue to wear your gemstone throughout your day. 

After you discover how to set intentions effectively, you will begin to feel a true connection with your inner self. 

You know yourself, and you’re aware of what you desire. When you trust in your ability to hold true to your intentions, your self-confidence will blossom, and you will feel grounded in your own ability and in balance with the world around you. 

The powers of the earth and your own manifestations are stronger than any doubt, any worry. You are the purveyor of your own destiny, and by setting intentions, you are cultivating that mind-body-soul relationship. 

When you need a reminder to relax, recharge, and trust in yourself, we’re here to help. Subscribe to our newsletter for a gentle nudge to take care of yourself. 

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How to set intentions with gemstones and candles 

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