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Every decision you make has an impact.

Ever heard of the butterfly effect? It’s the idea that every choice you make, no matter how small, leads to a cascade of changes that dramatically affect the rest of your life. Direct these changes towards positivity, and learn how to thrive.

Many parts of our lives have been out of our control. Where we grew up, for instance, and the teachers and friends we had who permanently influenced our worldview and future. 

But somewhere along the line, we become responsible for our own choices. Every small decision plays off of the next, twisting, turning, and building us up into the essence of who we are.

Making the right decisions and becoming who you want to be can feel like wandering around in the dark. But there is a light to turn to when figuring out how to thrive. Your intuition protects you and guides you, nudging you towards the best version of yourself, if you let it. 

Let the powers of gemstones help bring a voice to those unseen guiding hands, teaching you to trust yourself and bringing you ever closer to your ideal place on your journey

Do something you always wanted to do. 

Fear has no place in your journey to self-discovery. Is it not better to find out what would have happened than to live the rest of your life wondering? Jasper, the stone of courage, helps you take the leap. 

black jasper gemstones

Our Regenerative Black Jasper and Resilience Jasper & Chalcedony Bracelets instill a warm feeling of calm, grounding positivity into your energy. You will feel the confidence and courage to strike out, take that chance, and forever silence your “what if?”

Taking charge and trying new things, even when they make you nervous, is what allows you to grow and change, shifting your perspective and allowing you to become a more whole being. 

Protect yourself from negativity.

It’s easy to be hard on yourself. But, in life, you’ve only followed one thread. You know what did happen as a result of the decision you did make, but you don’t know what would have happened had you done something else. Maybe you did make the right choice, but it’s just so easy to imagine otherwise. 

You must free yourself from the bounds of negativity. You have gotten yourself this far, and you will take yourself even farther. When you need a boost, lean on Amethyst to protect you from swirling thoughts and recenter on the positives in your life. 

amethyst gemstone ring

Amethyst, like the brilliant stone in our Spirit of Peace Filigree Ring, reconnects you to the good in your life and brings you peace. 

Channel your creativity.

Creativity boosts your well-being. To be creative is to be energized, free, and limitless. You focus on perspectives far outside your own, considering options you never would have thought of. Channeling creativity is, ultimately, one of the surest ways to discover how to thrive. 

Peridot encourages that creativity, allowing you to breathe new life into your daily circumstances. 

peridot gemstone rings

Shop our Daisy Peridot and Aligned in Heart Peridot Rings to bring a boost of creative flow into every choice you make.

Believe in yourself. 

Anything you set your mind to, you can do. Thriving in life is all about living intentionally, and having confidence in your ability to achieve your goals, big and small. 

We’ve written about how to set intentions in your life, and Lapis will help achieve all intentions you may desire. Let the stone accompany you when you set your thoughts and emotions on any goal, and it will strengthen your resolve and direct your energy in a productive way. 

lapis gemstone jewelry

Our Lapis Collection offers stunning options for you to carry the powerful stone with you always, boosting your ability to believe in yourself.

These powerful gemstones guide you towards the right choices and help you discover how to thrive.

You will find peace in your life, and achieve all that you’re meant to. Each choice builds on each other, and when you trust yourself and take that first step, each one becomes easier than the last.

Eventually, you will awaken to find that you have done all exactly as you were meant to. Trust in the process, and enjoy each moment - even those times in which you can’t yet see the end of the road.

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How to thrive in your journey of life

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