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It can be hard to take a deep breath, center yourself, and clear your mind. 

A huge part of experiencing mindless living and anxiety is “internal clutter” - our thoughts are so wrapped up in the difficulties of daily living that we forget to step back and breathe. The powerful energies of stones for clarity can help us to find our inner peace. 

If you’re dealing with specific stressors, we offer some tips and gemstone suggestions in last September’s blog post for those seeking help with mood swings. Becoming overwhelmed, feeling stagnant, and feeling fearful of failure can all contribute to internal clutter. 

Reducing our stress levels inevitably leads to clarity of mind.

Stress has this way of making us feel like it’s creeping up around our necks, making it difficult to breathe and concentrate. 

Everyday steps to relieve anxiety help immensely with brain fog. To combat tension, there are a few essential go-tos. 

Experts recommend centering yourself in the present moment. Anxiety is often based around a hypothetical future, so remind yourself where you are and what you’re doing. 

Fact-check your thoughts. Are they rational? Are they true? Or are you hypothesizing based on a worst-case scenario and jumping to conclusions?

Breathe in and out. Our bodies unconsciously stop breathing or start hyperventilating when we’re stressed - intentionally slow and even your breathing. 

Often, physical reminders of calm help keep us grounded and attentive to the present moment. That’s what our gemstones for clarity are for, in addition to adding a touch of genuine joy and beauty to your life. 

Each gem carries with it a different energy and intention, all of which can help you focus and remember to enjoy the beautiful parts of life. We chose 5 stones for clarity to help you remain present to the moment.

1. Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz is the perfect gem for clarity of mind. Its energy brings exactly that - clarity of thought and purpose. What better reminder to stay true to the moment in which you live if not the stone that encourages you to chase the moment?

Black jasper gemstone bracelet

Our Regenerative Black Jasper Bracelet  is made up of hand-cut round, smooth gemstones, alternating Clear Quartz and Black Jasper. Jasper is another wonderful gemstone that carries a grounding effect, and the delicate beads and gentle weight will constantly nudge you into the present. 

2. Lapis.

Lapis is the stone of wisdom. It sparks the healing power of the universe, encouraging anything you manifest to make its way into the realm of reality. When you trust yourself and your own inner wisdom, decisions become clear.

Lapis pendant

Our luxurious Sacred Trust Teardrop Lapis Pendant imbues these notes of wisdom into your everyday, allowing you to make challenging decisions and trust yourself. 

3. Jasper. 

Jasper grounds you. When you’re fully rooted to the earth, it’s as if it stands still. You’re there, you feel the stability under your feet, you are capable, you are enough. You can cleanse your mind of fluttering distractions and focus on the now. 

Jasper bracelet

Our gorgeous K2 Jasper Bracelet awakens your intuition and clears the mind of clutter, constantly reverberating the energies of an open, intuitive mind. 

4. Tiger's Eye.

Tiger Eye opens your mind to new possibilities while encouraging you to trust your own judgement and inner wisdom. When you’re confident in your own ability to handle situations at hand, you release the fear and anxiety that creates a cluttered mental state. 

Tiger eye bracelet

The smooth segments of our Inner Wisdom Tiger Eye’s Bracelet/Bangle provide a gentle touch, guiding your hand towards self-awareness and trust. 

5. Citrine. 

Citrine promotes creativity. When we’re experiencing brain fog, it’s impossible for creative inspiration to penetrate our minds. This stone, especially when used in conjunction with grounding gems, let you reach that shining inner resilience that puts creative pursuits at the forefront. 

When you wear our intricate North Star Citrine Bracelet, you open your psyche to powerful creative energies - and prosperity will follow. Focusing on creative pursuits can help pinpoint your creative vision, encouraging laser-focused clarity of mind. 

These stones for clarity of mind let you be your best self. 

When we practice mindfully staying rational, grounded, and focused, our lives fall into place. It’s harder for stressors and anxieties to enter the mind once we’ve successfully centered ourselves.

You deserve to live free of distracting worries and overwhelming anxieties. You hold the power to heal yourself and live your truest dreams. 

If you’d like a little help along the way, subscribe to our newsletter. At Daria Day, it’s our mission to facilitate your personal journey towards mindful living. 

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Best stones for clarity of mind

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