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Your energy is everything.

Our lives are made whole by our relationships with others. How you speak with your children, your spouse, and even your coworkers makes a difference. Stones for communication can help you soften or sharpen your energy, and make sure that you say what you mean.

Misunderstandings happen. Sometimes, we say things a bit too harshly, or not clearly enough. Whether you’re afraid of confrontation, a bit soft spoken, or just get overwhelmed by your emotions, learning how to communicate effectively can make every interaction go more smoothly.

Your mission on Earth is to bring positive energy to those around you, and everyday interactions are your chance to do so. Let these four gemstones for communication make that easier.

Clear Quartz can help you with public speaking.

Public speaking is one of America’s top fears. It’s terrifying to get on stage and give it your all -- but it’s also incredibly important. Speaking well convinces people of your credibility, and might even be what lands you that promotion or grant request. 

So, on those most important days when your nerves are going haywire, let Clear Quartz channel the energy of clarity and allow you to speak your mind with confidence. Even if you’re terrified on the inside, this powerful gemstone will keep you standing tall and communicating with authority. 

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Rose Quartz channels kindness and compassion outwards.

It can be tempting to let yourself get wrapped up in your own emotions. When you’ve had a difficult day, remind yourself that bringing joy to others brings joy to yourself. 

Speak kindness into your words, and use Rose Quartz to amplify that positive energy into every interaction. In situations where you could easily wander into a confrontation, this powerful gemstone will help you embrace the peaceful resolution and leave all parties feeling content. 

This might be speaking gently to your toddler that wrote on the walls with crayons, or giving your partner a chance to explain exactly why and how they forgot the most important ingredient on the shopping list. It might even mean holding back on the snark in an email to your coworker who, for the thousandth time, forgot to attach a file. 

These examples are each silly and small on their own, but they build up over time into who you are. Each chance gives you an opportunity to either practice charity and kindness, or slip into irritation. Even when you don’t get it perfect, making the effort matters -- and, no doubt, there will be another chance to try again. 

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Lapis provides you with brilliant clarity, awareness, and truth.

When our feelings become muddled, it’s easy to say things we don’t quite mean. When you feel that starting to happen, take a moment to collect your thoughts. Breathe deeply, and let yourself step away to reflect on how you really feel and your goals for the conversation.

Lapis is particularly helpful when it comes to these difficult conversations. It will not only help you communicate your feelings, but also to recognize and respect them yourself. Reflection with your inner self is one of the most important aspects of communication -- to speak your truth, you have to know what it is.

If you feel as though this is your most difficult challenge, we’ve written about the best stones for clarity of mind. Together, they can work to help you reconnect with your intellectual and emotional self.

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Aquamarine, for when you need your words to flow like water.

Don’t let your words get stuck in your throat when you have something to say. Your thoughts and feelings are important, and they deserve to be heard. 

Aquamarine grants you the confidence to speak your mind, and not let anything go unsaid. When you feel that familiar pull to stay quiet in order to avoid confrontation, rely on the energy of this powerful stone for communication to draw you out of your silence. 

When you stay quiet, you might keep the peace -- but at the expense of your peace of mind. It might seem counterintuitive, but when you allow others a glimpse into how your mind works, you’re actually respecting them even more. You’re saying that you trust them, and that they also deserve to know how you truly feel. 

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These stones for communication will help you channel your truth and embrace your healthiest relationships.

Communication isn’t just about talking, it’s about listening. Not only to the person you’re speaking with, but also to yourself.

Communication fosters healthy relationships, and these relationships are what we fall back on when we need a boost of positivity and support in our lives. Learning how to do this flawlessly may be difficult, but stones for communication will help you at every step of the way. You are capable of speaking your mind, and speaking it well.

You have it within you to embrace your confidence in communication and in the rest of your life. Subscribe to our newsletter for a little help along the way.

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