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Self-love is powerful and healing.

When we’re busy taking care of others, it becomes difficult to take care of ourselves. Practicing mindfulness techniques and using unique self-love stones can help us begin to treasure ourselves again.

Owning our self-love makes us more confident in all of our interactions, and makes us feel worthy of spending time on ourselves again. Sorting through our own thoughts, emotions, and moods becomes easier, and we can take better care of ourselves throughout every part of our days. 

Channel positive energy through self-love stones.

When we hold or wear gemstones that filter out negative energy and filter in positive energy, we’re reminding ourselves that self-love is possible, and that we have made the choice to focus our attention on its importance.

Amazonite filters out stressors and soothes overall energies.

When we are less susceptible to stress and anxiety, we can refocus back on what it means to take care of ourselves again. This stone helps with meditation, mindful activities, and - most importantly - discovering our passions, free from worry or outward anxiety.

amazonite self love stone

Wearing this Amazonite Bracelet allows its energy to accompany you at all times, leading you into this new journey.

It’s especially useful when engaging in mindful meditation, a technique that allows you to slow down, think freely, and feel deeply.

Citrine imparts joy and encourages creativity - as well as attracts wealth and success.

Many of us find peace in our creative outlets or hobbies in the arts. However, creativity is important in all aspects of life. Finding creative solutions to work or personal problems, imagining our lives the way we want them to be, and finding new interests all take serious creativity.

citrine self love stone

It’s no surprise, then, that the powerful gem in this North Star Citrine Bracelet is a self-love stone as well. When we embrace self-love, we fall back into our hobbies, interests, and lives.

This renewal of creative energy begets new good things to fall into our lives. Digging deeper into the activities we love allows aspects of ourselves that might have remained hidden to come back to the forefront - and we love these qualities, too, furthering the cycle of self-love. It’s okay to romanticize yourself and your goals! 

Red Jasper encourages strong, calm, compassionate leadership.

It’s hard to know when to take time to slow down, or when to take charge. Red jasper makes these decisions easier.

When we’re placed in leadership roles, knowing when to be firm or gentle is invaluable. These same concepts apply to ourselves - sometimes, we need to give ourselves grace. Other times, we need to take charge and invoke self-motivation.

garnet self love stone

This Red Jasper Bracelet channels its strength and power to boost your self-confidence in making these crucial decisions. Part of self-love is accepting that you are more than capable of being in charge, whether you’re taking charge of your own life or the leader of a team.

Clear Quartz of any kind is a clarifying stone, amplifying energies that already exist.

That energy could come from other stones, or from ourselves.

What goals do you have? What energy are you trying to put into the world? Self-love stones aren’t the only way to build on this idea.

Dig deep within yourself and generate an energy all your own, that will perfectly direct you in your journey towards deeper self-acceptance. This self-made energy can then be boosted by clear quartz, keeping it right at the forefront of your day. 

lapis self love gemstone

This Lapis and Cryptocrystalline Bracelet combines the clarity effects of quartz with the wisdom and truth that lapis brings. It’s perfect for channeling your own inner power, as lapis will help you to think clearly and be honest with yourself.

Self-love, in the end, is the truth. These self-love gems just make it easier to arrive at this conclusion, and to believe it when you get there.

Accepting compassion from yourself makes it easier to accept compassion from others.

As we build our self-worth through meditation, creativity, and leadership, it becomes easier to accept that we are worthy of this love, and have always been worthy.

When we embrace the strength of these self-love stones, it’s easier to open our hearts to the love around us. This could mean a fiery new romance, or embracing and appreciating the love that comes from our partners, children, or family. 

This journey is lifelong - we slip, and fall back, only to make it again. And that’s okay! But the truth is always ahead of us - we are worthy of love, no matter who we are, and we deserve our own appreciation. 

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