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Gemstones are unique natural treasures that help us channel our inner energy. Read more to learn about the meaning of these powerful stones with our gemstone guide.

There is energy all around us. We live in a world that moves at such a fast pace, that sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Gemstones are known to help channel your inner energy combined with mindfulness practices.

Wearing gemstones can make us feel peaceful, balanced, and protected depending on the type of inner problem we want to heal. 

Where do gemstones come from?

Our beautiful Earth has so many hidden gifts that shouldn't go unnoticed, like gemstones. 

Gemstones are created when great pressure underneath the Earth forces minerals together. This force is created by the movement of tectonic plates. (Reference here)

We hope this ethical gemstone guide helps you choose the one that is perfect for whatever you need to heal right now.

Types of gemstones

Agate - For finding your balance

Agate is known to have soothing energy, promoting harmony and peace. It was used many years ago by ancient civilizations as a symbol of protection.

This stone will help boost your balance and allow you to feel more centered.

agate bracelet


Amazonite - For calming down

Amazonite is known to block out stressors and soothe overall energies. It is used as a way to calm your nervous system.

amazonite bracelet


Amethyst - For relieving stress

Amethyst is known to relieve stress and balance mood swings, as well as alleviate psychological stress. It is a stone that increases spirituality by activating spiritual awareness.

Amethyst bracelet


Calcite - For cleansing negative energy

White calcite is a symbol of new beginnings, an energy transformer that dissolves the old to make way for the new. Calcite helps cleanse the environment of negative energy.

Calcite's amplifier energy is known to stimulate the body physically and mentally, which is why it is ideal for cleansing negativity within yourself or your home.

calcite gemstone

Chalcedony - For bringing positivity

Chalcedony is known as the stone of optimism, stability, and calmness.

This stone will boost mental flexibility as well — since it is known to absorb negative energy, it will help free your mind from mental barriers.

chalcedony bracelet


Citrine - For attracting creativity

Citrine is known to impart joy, encourage creativity, and attract wealth and success. This stone will enhance your concentration and help keep your emotional balance.

citrine gemstone


Garnet - For strengthening love and passion

Red garnet symbolizes love and friendship and is known to strengthen the bonds of love. This particular stone is known to bring serenity, passion, and determination, helping you to commit to an idea or a person.

garnet gemstone earrings


Jade - For guiding prosperity and abundance

Jade brings prosperity and abundance into your life. We love this gemstone because it coincides with our ultimate mission of bringing prosperity and abundance to our artisans.

This stone is known for nourishing new beginnings which result in growth.

jasper gemstone

Jasper - For connecting to the Earth

Jasper is the nurturer of the universe. Black jasper helps you connect to the Earth, makes you feel more grounded and balanced.

This stone is known to help improve stability and strength because of its strong connection to Earth.


Black Jasper Bracelet

Lapis - For obtaining clarity

Wear it to stimulate objectivity and clarity, as well as tap into your creative side.

Lapis is known to help with inner knowledge, wisdom, and intuition.

lapis gemstone bracelet


Moonstone - For soothing emotions

Channeling the power of the moon, Moonstone has the power to strengthen your soul and make you feel whole. This stone is known to have a calming and soothing effect.

moonstone gemstone earrings

Peridot - for alleviating resentment

Peridot is known to help open our hearts to new things and combat jealousy, resentment, or hatred by enhancing our inner compassion.

peridot gemstone bracelet

Quartz - For purifying your mind and body

Quartz is known to be an energy magnifier. Since it helps to balance and revitalize, it's considered a stone for purifying. Quartz is helpful for cleansing physical and emotional concerns.

quarts gemstone bracelet


Serpentine - For balancing hormones

Serpentine is known to help clear your thoughts and balance hormones. It derives its name and distinctive color from snakes, as well as its regenerative meaning.

serpentine gemstone bracelet


Tourmaline - For reducing fear

Tourmaline is known to diminish fear and paranoia and helps with feeling more secure.

Promoting inspiration and happiness, tourmaline is also known to connect the human spirit with the Earth.

tourmaline gemstone bracelet


We are all energy

Despite the many questions that may arise surrounding gemstones and their healing properties, the fact that we can agree on is that we are all energy.

Remember that gemstones will always be a powerful "charm." They can broaden your mind when you believe in yourself and channel your inner energy with these precious stones alongside other mindfulness practices.

We hope this gemstone guide helps you find the perfect choice that will help you heal, no matter what problem you are facing right now. Check out our curated collection of ethically made jewelry and accessories here.

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