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As part of our new collection, In Harmony, we added a new gemstone, Chalcedony, to our shop. Despite its popularity with gemstone lovers and collectors, it was not a gemstone I had worked with previously. I first encountered this gem when we were selecting new gemstones suppliers in Pakistan. A miner had walked into the foundation's office and laid out his gemstones on the table. I was immediately drawn to this smooth pink, almost translucent gemstone. It had a waxy luster, and the form reminded me of marble. I was mesmerized.

After vetting the miner, I purchased the lot from him. I carried the chalcedony gemstone around with me for a few months – holding it in my palms, touching it and feeling its energy. It was then that I knew that I had to incorporate this gemstone in my designs and bring its gifts to you. Here are a few things I learned about Chalcedony and how it can benefit the wearer.

Like Rose Quartz, Chalcedony has a sweet, feminine energy and aligns with the heart chakra. It encourages loves, but unlike rose quartz, its energy is softer, gentler, and of a higher vibration. It nurtures and supports the wearer and helps smooth ruffled feathers.

Chalcedony also exudes a sense of otherness, as if it belongs to the realm of angles. Its soft pale colors beckoning the powers of heaven. It is for this reason that it's often called the Divine Stone.


Three Reasons to Wear Chalcedony:

  1. Available in a variety of colors: One of Chalcedony's specialties is that its available in a variety of colors, especially in soft pastel shades. So, if you like light shades or looking for summer jewelry, this gemstone is for you. Measuring 7 on the Mohs Scale for hardness, this gemstone is sturdy and won't crack!
  2.  Healing Properties: Chalcedony has been revered for centuries and was a prized possession in antiquity when it was carved with motifs. The soft, smooth energy of Chalcedony is known to nurture the wearer. Its healing energy encourages harmony, benevolence, generosity, and humility of its owner. It absorbs and dissipates negative energy, thereby decreasing hostility, easing self-doubt, and transforming sadness and melancholy into joy! It imbues the wear with optimism, making it easier to accept new situations and assimilate new ideas. It is said that those who wear Chalcedony are kinder, more generous, and receptive.  
  3.  Meditation Aid: Chalcedony is beneficial if you want to or meditate regularly. As a calming stone, Chalcedony can assist in meditation if your mind is overly active. Chalcedony brings your mind, body, spirits, and emotions in harmony, elevating your meditation practice. 

💡Fun Fact: Did you know that Chalcedony is named after the Greek town, Chalkedon, today known as Kadıköy, a district in Istanbul?

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