Our Artisans

We’re often asked why our jewelry is made in Pakistan. Daria Day hopes to show a different side of Pakistan – a part that makes beautiful jewelry, a part that is beautiful and serene, rarely visited or talked about, but which once stood at the center of the silk road, where many different cultures, traditions, and languages blended to create the unique culture of this region. We also wanted to keep the value within the region. Gemstones have traditionally been smuggled out of the region so none of the local communities benefit from the natural resources or mining activity. By processing the gems and making our jewelry in the region, the local population can benefit from the natural resources in their region.

Here are the stories of the local artisans from these communities in Pakistan who expertly craft each unique Daria Day jewelry piece. You have the opportunity to share in and become a part of their stories.

Featured Artist: Gulzar

Gulzar and her family became Internal Displaced People (IDPs) when their village of Attabad was devasted by a landslide in 2010. They lost their land, their home, and their livestock. Gulzar enrolled in Rupani Foundation’s jewelry making course and now supports her family with wages she earns making jewelry

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Handcrafted by Gulzar

Sparkling Water Quartz Bracelet

Smoky Quartz / Topaz Bracelet

Tiger Eye Bracelet

Artist: Anila

Anila works mostly on bead making. Her work transforms rough gemstones into beautiful, polished beads. Through her work, she is able to pay for her sibling’s school fees and is saving up to open her own gemstone processing workshop. 

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Artisan: Nahida

Nahida is a young, enterprising artisan. She loves designing jewelry and hopes to become a designer.  With her wages, she’s able to put her sister through college.

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Artisan: Anita

Anita is a graduate of Rupani Foundation’s jewelry program. She is now part of a women's collective group and specializes in making rings and earrings. Learn about her dreams here.

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Artisan: Khatija

Specializing in bead making and polishing, Khatija uses her wages to support her family. She makes up to 400 beads a day. Her dream is to have her own workshop.

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Rupani Foundation

We are privileged to partner with Rupani Foundation, a private not for profit organization committed to poverty alleviation through developing human potential in Pakistan. Learn about their Jewelry and Gemstone Processing Program here.