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Healing doesn’t mean your body has done something wrong. It means you’re doing something right.

There are many misconceptions about the word “healing.” It’s often associated with fixing something that doesn’t feel right, but healing can also mean we listen to our bodies and are willing to start mindfulness practices that will slowly mend our thoughts, self-love, and compassion, making healing a magical process. 

For centuries, families in Pakistan have passed down knowledge and understanding of the powers of gemstones to soothe the mind and body. We want to share that knowledge with you, while uplifting and empowering the women of Pakistan who handcraft our jewelry to continue their traditions and bring their culture to the rest of the world. 

These gemstone healing properties will help empower you, and allow you to find joy along the way. 

Our Healing Hearts boost your inner love & strength

Black Obsidian is known to increase self control and protection during change. It’s great for helping you to shake off any inner and outer negativity that is surrounding your energy. 

Taking care of our minds is incredibly important for boosting our inner love. The mind-body link creates a cycle that feeds into itself. When mental well-being is at its best, the physical body can more easily flourish. 

That’s why you can also channel your energy wearing White Onyx, which is known as the “Stone of Strength,” to nourish your mental power and ground you with positive thoughts.

Incorporate our Healing Hearts into your daily life while you meditate, journal, and seek out your peace. These habits work in tandem to improve your overall wellbeing. 

Black obsidian and white onyx pendants

Shop our Healing Hearts Black Obsidian and White Onyx Pendants

Worn together, these handcrafted pieces will usher inner love & strength, helping you create a space for your mind to blossom. 

Garnet may help with uplifting your courage.

For centuries, this healing gemstone’s red color has been associated with the heart and blood making it, without a doubt, a powerful stone for channeling passion and bravery. (Reference here.)

We all have courage inside ourselves, but sometimes we just need a little push to allow it to help us overcome obstacles or confront difficult situations. 

Wear Garnet on your ears as a physical reminder to go after what you deserve. Its powerful energy will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. 

Garnet earrings

Shop our Garnet Drop Earrings. You deserve the good things in life, so go after your dreams while looking fabulous too!

Allow the power of Jasper to awake your intuition and wisdom

This healing gemstone repairs the stressors of daily life, and allows us to think clearly. The rare and unique power of K2 Jasper will unlock and empower your ability to make sharp judgements and remove any barriers that are blocking you from seeing things as they really are.

Black Jasper grounds stability and also helps with mental clarity, intensifying your ability to reflect your inner perceptions. 

K2 Jasper bracelet

Shop our K2 Jasper Bracelet 

The power of combining these two stones will allow you to manifest intuition and wisdom in a balanced way. Use this stone with mindfulness practices, and you’ll also learn how to listen to your thoughts and wait for the perfect timing to take action in your life.

Let these powerful gemstone healing properties lead you to embrace holistic well-being.

Healing means boosting every part of the mind-body connection. When we surround ourselves with positive, self-sustaining energy, soothing our inner worries and weaknesses, we usher in a period of true healing

Our bodies are constantly performing the miraculous event of trying to heal physically and emotionally. 

Embrace your life journey getting to know your mind and body, or encourage someone in their own process by gifting them unique handcrafted gemstone jewelry. Let them know you’re thinking of them, that they aren’t alone, and that you wish them personal growth and peace. 

Community is everything. It lifts our spirits, lets us share joys and tragedies, and helps us to grow into better versions of ourselves every day. 

If you want to stay up-to-date on mindful living and the powers of gemstones, subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll be here. 



Gemstone healing properties

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