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Making the decision to try for a baby is huge.

Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling experiences human beings can go through. Actually getting pregnant is half the battle, though - and fertility stones can help.

Whether you’ve had children before or are trying for the first time, fertility issues can be disheartening and seemingly endless. Don’t get discouraged - keeping a positive attitude and trusting your body goes a long way.

Motherhood is full of challenges. Getting there is just the first hurdle. Being pregnant causes nausea, aches, and pains. Every stage of childhood brings its own battle, whether its lack of sleep when caring for a little baby, the heartache of saying goodbye when they go to school for the first time, or helping a teen through their heartbreaks.

That means that your mindfulness techniques, trust in the process, and practicing patience help you not only when trying to conceive, but also in every stage of your future child’s life. 

These fertility stones can help you focus your energy where you need it.

Each stone carries with it a different energy, each one important for fertility. Focusing your emotion, passion, and energy into the different intentions helps ground you in the task at hand - and the magic of the process.

We’re starting with Rose Quartz - the stone for compassion.

Rose Quartz, like the gems in these Unconditional Love Rose Quartz Drop Earrings, manifests compassion and tenderness. This typically presents outward, but when trying to conceive, it’s important that this love focuses inwards, and on your future child.

Trying for a baby is a marathon, not a sprint. Take care of yourself and show yourself true compassion while in the limbo between what you hope for and where you are. 

Make sure to drink lots of water - for one thing, you need it to live and to be healthy. For another, increasing your water intake increases your chances of conceiving!

Garnet brings prosperity and abundance - both things that help out when focusing on fertility.

Having a baby is expensive, and a lack of funds can induce stress. Stress, as you probably guessed, decreases fertility.

Garnet, like the stone in these Reclaiming Self Garnet Tassel Earrings, brings an abundance of all things good. It’s no wonder that focusing on the energy in this fertility stone re-centers your goal of having an additional member of the household running underfoot. 

Moonstone is a powerful purveyor of good fortune. 

For all the tips and tricks to increase fertility out there, the simple truth is that so much of your success when trying to conceive hinges on luck. That’s why Moonstone can help. 

Moonstone increases feelings of love and affection - obviously a good thing when trying to have a child - and is also the stone of good fortune. 

The small Moonstones in this Blessed by Good Fortunes Moonstone Drop Necklace allow them to stay with you wherever you go, allowing you to focus on positive feelings and remind yourself why you’re trying for a baby.

Centering your energy on the love that you feel for your partner, and why you want to be a parent, allows you to focus, relax, and feel all the good things that come out of wanting to be a mother. 

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too.

Though these fertility stones allow you to channel your energy into the good things in your life - love, good fortune, abundance - their biggest help is being a physical reminder to slow down, be mindful, and focus on yourself and your goals.

So much of fertility lies not only in luck, but in our habits. Gentle exercise, lots of sleep, less caffeine and alcohol, and plenty of water all help your success in conception. The best part is, these habits also help your health, too.

When times get tough and you feel discouraged, just know that this practice in patience will help you when you’ve finally succeeded, and have the privilege of caring for a rambunctious, endlessly challenging bundle of joy. 

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