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Want to center yourself, drop bad habits, and channel peace? Try meditation.

Learning how to meditate teaches you how to reconnect with yourself, mother earth, and the energies constantly surrounding you. 

Meditation means taking a few moments, or even up to a few hours, to practice being at peace. It lets your thoughts wash over you, not sticking unwanted in your mind. 

There are many ways to successfully achieve the benefits of meditation. Techniques range from the time-effective to the long-term, and intensities can vary along with your capacity for acceptance. 

We’ll take you through four meditation methods and the gemstones that suit each one, from the fastest to most time-intensive. Whatever level your life needs right now will find you and suit perfectly, just open yourself to the possibilities. 

1- Take Clear Quartz with you for progressive relaxation. 

Clear Quartz and progressive meditation go hand-in-hand. Both are generally used for healing and bodily well-being. 

First, the technique: “progressive relaxation” is sometimes also called “body scan meditation.” Its purpose is to identify pain points or tension areas within your body, and systematically relax them. 

Your favorite technique will vary person to person. Would you prefer to envision a steamroller or gentle wave washing over you? Or, are you more active, and like to tense and relax each muscle, starting at the soles of your feet? 

Whatever your style, this will help with holistic healing and bodily awareness, shaking loose the unnecessary tensions and stressors of daily life. And they all benefit from Clear Quartz, the stone of healing that can boost these feelings of holistic bodily relaxation and take you from relaxed to completely at peace. 


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2- Use Rose Quartz to help your breath awareness meditation.

Breath awareness meditation is just what it sounds like - mindful meditation that focuses on your mindful breathing. 

Breathing sounds simple - we do it all day, every day. But when you focus on it, it can drown out all the other noise in your life. 

Your breath is like the ocean’s crashing waves, ever-present and powerful enough to take out any negativity or stress and cast it out to sea. Breathe slowly and deeply, in and out, focusing only on the feeling and motion. Some people like to count their breaths, but you don’t have to. 

This can improve your mental well-being, self-love, and help you re-center - but it works if you take more time than in body relaxation meditation. There’s no “end point” like there is when you’ve worked through your entire body, so you just have to set a time long enough to have gotten the benefits. The longer the better, but you’ll probably have to practice sitting still. 

Rose Quartz is the perfect pairing because it boosts your self-love and self-acceptance, ushering in good feelings of happiness and positivity while you practice breathing. This meditation is all about you, so it helps to have a source of self-love there with you.

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3- Take Topaz with you to find your zen. 

Zen meditation, or Zazen, is what many people think of when they think “stereotypical” meditation. It derives from Buddhist practices, and involves many steps and bodily positions to achieve great peace and awareness. 

If you’ve done the other types of meditation and are ready to take it a step further, this might be a good practice for you. 

You may need to work on flexibility to achieve the lotus position, and eventually direct your attention inward. This is all about you, your awareness, and “thinking about not thinking.” 

This takes significant time and practice, but if you’re ready to dive in, here’s some further reading to get you started

Topaz will help you center and ground yourself in this intense form of physical and mental bliss and detachment. 

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If you’re ready to make this your lifestyle, arm yourself with Amethyst and begin transcendental meditation. 

Similar to Zen meditation, Transcendental takes spirituality, thought, time, effort, and commitment. 

No one said meditation was easy - we just said it will relieve your anxiety, improve your life, and help you realize who you really are.

All that means is sitting down, breathing slowly, and then trying, over the course of minutes or hours, to transcend above your current state of being. 

Center in on a mantra. What do you want? What do you need? You can also have a trained professional determine this mantra based on their teachings and complex factors, but setting intentions can be done at home. 

If you need help thinking of what to focus on, we wrote an article about how to set intentions. Take this blog post, and further reading on transcendental meditation, as a guide. You can then use Amethyst to channel the energies of peace, calm, and healing to help you in your goal. 

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When you discover how to meditate, you discover your balance. 

Whether you only have a few minutes before falling asleep or 2 hours to dedicate to inner healing and awareness, meditation is there to help you. 

Learning how to meditate with these powerful gemstones will drive you towards your bliss. You just have to believe in yourself to find that balance, center yourself in the earth, and entrust your well-being to the powerful energies that run vibrantly through the universe. 

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