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“A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible”  
                   – Marion C. Garretty.

This Mother's Day we celebrate the women who have defined motherhood with meaningful gemstone jewelry to express our love, strengthen our bonds, and honor the wisdom they've shared with us.  

So whether you are celebrating your mom, your aunt, sister, or your neighbor, give them a gift that gives back. 

In our gift guide, we have hand-selected each of the jewelry pieces based on their gemstone properties and designs to make it easier to say "I love you."



Rose QuartzEarring
Rose Quartz is the universal stone for love. It encourages self-compassion and helps restore harmony and trust in relationships. It opens the heart to receive love. Let mom know that she still has your heart and she's your number one!


Guided by Wisdom Lapis Drop Necklace.
Symbol of royalty and honor, lapis is known to stimulate wisdom and good judgment. It was loved by the ancients for its deep blue color. Queen Cleopatra used ground lapis as eyeshadow. Honor the wisdom and knowledge mom has shared with you. Mom knows best!



Inner Peace Amethyst Pendant.
Amethyst carries properties that protect against unhealthy environments and negativity. It helps to relieve stress and calm your mind. Let's face it, mom has been (literally) holding down the fort these past few weeks. Help her find her zen and calm. 




Blessed by Good Fortunes Moonstone Silver Hoops. The clear white moonstone is known to impart good fortune and encourage feelings of love and affection. Mothers are a blessing and have showered us with love through our lives. Gift them a piece of moonstone jewelry to show your appreciation and strength those bonds of love.


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