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You can overcome your inner fears with these stones for protection. 

Anxieties are powerful, but you are more powerful.

It’s normal to wonder if you’re doing everything right. But we’re only human, and it’s OK to look for help on how to safeguard your emotions and thoughts.

Protection stones can help channel your energy to achieve success and self confidence, centering you to focus more on the positive parts of your life.  Give yourself a chance to connect  with their protective, grounding energies.   They will help you to feel safe from negative emotions. You can showcase the brightest version of yourself to others, without absorbing harmful opinions that may bring you down sometimes. 

Wearing protection stones while doing this will allow you to repel negativity that can cause you mental distress. 

Discover these 5 stones for protection and how they will help you shrug off these fears in unique ways. We’ll help you find the gem that’s perfectly suited to helping you achieve self-confidence, awareness, and balance.

1- Channel your peace with Amethyst. 

Amethyst is the beloved gemstone of peace. It protects you from negative energies and self-sabotaging fears, which makes it a holistic stone for protection. If you don’t know exactly where to turn when battling anxiety, give the power of Amethyst a try. 

Amethyst ring

Image credit: our Spirit of Peace Amethyst Filigree Ring.

Wear Amethyst jewelry while meditating on feelings of protection, peace, and calm. Use the smooth stone to ground you, settling into the now.

2- Let Citrine guide you towards balance. 

Being out of balance, out of control, and overwhelmed can manifest in a general bodily stress that saps our energy. Citrine’s energy allows you to  spark your creativity, and it will help you find your inner balance. Reducing your stressors is achievable by thinking out of the box and finding ways to accept situations you can’t change.

Citrine bracelet

Image credit: our North Star Citrine Bracelet.

Give yourself time to intentionally pursue your creative pursuits. Wearing Citrine  during dedicated times for creativity and responsibility helps you ground yourself in the space between the two. 

3- Lapis invokes wisdom and inner clarity to channel self-confidence.

You do have the inner wisdom to make the right choices and guide your own life. Lapis provides that extra push - it enhances your wisdom, and more importantly, your belief in your own wisdom. This allows us to confidently step forward into the future. 

We wrote an in-depth explanation about the powerful calming properties of Lapis as part of our gemstone academy. If you are particularly interested in this stone, we encourage you to explore Lapis’s energies more in-depth! 

lapis necklace

Image credit: Universal Wisdom Lapis Bracelet

Wear Lapis when faced with a difficult choice, and intentionally sit and think about the issue. Lapis will protect you from becoming too overwhelmed by your options, helping you achieve confidence in your decision.

4- Put your trust in good fortune in Nephrite Jade. 

You may sometimes lay awake, thinking of all the things that could happen that are out of control. Losing your job, our health and that of our families, natural disasters, all catastrophes that we can’t change. Nephrite Jade ushers in good fortune, allowing our minds to quiet, free from the anxieties about things that can’t be helped. 

jade pendant

Image credit: our Lucky charm Nephrite Jade Pendant.

Wear Nephrite Jade when you feel yourself focusing on potential bad fortune instead of existing goodness. Grasp the stone in your hand, count backwards slowly, and allow the Jade’s energy to gently guide you back to your current life and good fortune.  

5- Allow Chalcedony to help you believe in your resilience. 

Achieving peace goes hand-in-hand with believing in our own ability to adapt and survive. You can overcome anything. You can withstand anything. You are capable of living a full, joyful life, and Chalcedony’s warm energy instills calm into your psyche, reminding you of your own resilience. 

jasper and chalcedony bracelet

Image credit: our Resilience Jasper & Chalcedony Bracelet.

The stones in this bracelet imbue calm, grounding, stabilizing energy into the wearer. Let the gentle weight of the stones remind you how strong you are.

Protecting yourself from self-doubt and worry is a part of self-care.

You are worthy of the good things that happen to you.

Shedding doubts and insecurities allows you to embrace the goodness in your life and appreciate yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in to get where you are.

Examine your stressors, and only engage with them if there is a solution, or you think they can be helpful. Find the positive result and let these powerful protection stones safeguard your energy daily. 

At Daria Day, we are on a mission to help you practice mindful living. If you are interested in our goals and learning more about gemstones, subscribe to our newsletter.

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