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In today’s world, many of us are experiencing sleepless nights. 

Emotional well-being and sleep are irrevocably intertwined. Fortunately, there are healing stones for sleeping that help combat the whirlwind of changes, stress, and daily tasks that overwhelm different parts of our psyches. 

When we practice intentional calm in our daily lives, our sleep improves. The cycle of anxiety, decreased mental function, to more anxiety can also become a cycle of healing when we address the sources of our tension. 

Poor mental states like anxiety, depression, or even some traumas can deeply affect our ability to sleep. Medications can cause unwanted side effects and worsen our body’s ability to sleep naturally. 

Before turning to professional help, there are a few steps that we can take to improve our sleep cycles. 

Set a mindful routine. 

We’re huge proponents of the benefits of a mindful routine for clarity, tranquility, and restful sleep. We wrote about how to start a self-care routine here. Those self-care tips are connected to our sleep cycles. 

We need a purposeful routine in order to rest. One of the biggest parts of living mindfully and sleeping well is going to bed at the same time every night, and waking up at the same time every day. This sets your body’s internal clock. 

Another is incorporating physical reminders of calm and grounding into your everyday life. When we wear gemstones, we’re setting our intentions and reminding ourselves of those intentions throughout the day. 

Some stones for sleeping are helpful because they imbue tranquility, others are powerful agents of emotional well-being in areas like happiness, self-love, or wisdom. We chose 5 of our favorites for you to explore your options holistically for healthy sleep. 

1. Amethyst.

Amethyst carries powerful healing energies, protecting you from unhealthy environments and negativity. Since it calms the mind and relieves stress, it’s many people’s first choice when it comes to directly combating insomnia. 

Our gorgeous Sacred Awareness Amethyst Ring allows you to carry that tranquility with you all day. Some people even sleep with Amethyst under their pillow in order to ward off stressful thoughts!

2. Moonstone. 

Moonstone encourages love and affection, both for oneself and for others. When you embrace feelings of love and acceptance for those around you, you’re less likely to slip into a spiral of negative thoughts about your work, your family, or your friends, allowing you to fall asleep faster. 

Moonstone necklace

Our Blessed by Good Fortunes Moonstone Drop Necklace distills the powers of Moonstone into jewelry that you can keep with you as you fall asleep, safeguarding you from negativity.

3. Agate. 

We decided to stay on the thread of self-love and compassion a little longer. It’s absolutely an essential part of ending toxic, spiraling thoughts. That makes Agate one of the most potent stones for sleeping. Embrace setting an intention to love yourself and show true compassion, not only when you’re preparing to sleep, but at all points of the day. You deserve it. 

Agate earrings

4. Black jasper. 

Black Jasper has a grounding effect, blocking out stressors and soothing overall energies within your life. It stills your mind, helping you to relax and sleep. It can be especially powerful when layered with stones that introduce new positive energies.

Black jasper

Our Prowess Black Jasper Bracelet introduces the powerful grounding effects of Black Jasper, making it ideal to layer with a stone that ushers in new positive feelings. Its stable energy will ensure a good night’s rest free from unnecessary worries and distractions.

5. Chalcedony

This stone is great for sleeping because it has a calming energy that balances conflicting thoughts and emotions. Pink chalcedony is full of warm love energy that helps you feel in balance with yourself and others.

Chalcedony stone for sleeping

When you wear our Illuminating Energy Pink Chalcedony bracelet, your days will be full of joy, inspiration, happiness, and a deep sense of peace and belonging. This allows you to express your energy and vibrancy during the day, leading to a more restful sleep at night.

These powerful stones for sleeping allow you to feel waking and unconscious life more deeply. 

When you combine the healing energies of these 5 stones for sleeping with a mindful daily routine, self-care, and compassion, your insomnia will no longer have such a hold over you. 

Sleep issues can be difficult to combat, but there is a way out. It takes intentional living, intentional routines, and carefully-chosen, intentional energies. You are in control of what you let in, and what you let go - and these choices inform our body’s ability to rest. 

Life can get better, and inner peace is within your grasp. If you’d like our help with improving your emotional well-being and learning how to live mindfully, subscribe to our newsletter

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