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The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to start searching for the perfect gifts. 

There’s no better way to show appreciation for your loved ones than putting real thought into the perfect gifts. These mindful gift ideas will help you in your journey to support ethical, sustainable businesses and people while gifting your friends and family pieces they’ll truly love.

You don’t have to choose between supporting those behind the scenes and supporting the people closest to you.

Though the joy of giving the ultimate gift is second to none, it’s important to keep in mind those who have struggled to achieve a good life in these past few years.

At Daria Day, we understand that life is about giving - that’s why we employ determined women in Pakistan to handcraft our stunning jewelry pieces. 

You want to focus on the qualities of the people you’re brainstorming these mindful gift ideas for, but you can keep in mind people you’ve never met, too. 

Our talented artisan Gulzar and her family became displaced when her village in Attabad was destroyed by a landslide and they lost everything. She enrolled in the Rupani Foundation’s jewelry making course, and now supports her family through creating classic pieces. 

The holidays are a time for joy and celebration, and you can uplift the lives of people like Gulzar, helping them to enjoy the magic of the season too. Cheaply made jewelry often disregards the importance of the people on the other side of the story, but you can make the choice to support alternative practices instead. 

You can be mindful of the qualities and interests of the people you love most while simultaneously supporting everyone else who made the joyfulness of your holiday season happen. 

Unsure of where to start? Gift these timeless, powerful pieces to those closest to you while supporting those who need it most. 

Shopping for the lucky lady in your life? 

Our Blessed By Love Garnet Drop Necklace  symbolizes and magnifies the bonds of love present in your relationship. Red Garnet strengthens these feelings of love, passion, and connectedness, and there’s nothing that screams “thoughtful” more than a gemstone necklace specifically designed to show your appreciation.


mindful gift ideas

Love can be subtle, too.

If a statement necklace isn’t your preferred method of showing your partner you care, these Radiant Moonstone Drop Earrings drip restrained, elegant taste. They channel the consistent, but always breathtaking, power of the moon to add grace to any outfit.


Pair with a stunning necklace to complete the set.

If you love the idea of a longstanding, steadfast commitment to a soft, glowing future, you can pair those Rose Quartz hoops with our Blessed by Good Fortune Necklace

Is someone close to you struggling? Let them know you’re keeping them in mind.

Life has been difficult lately, and those close to you may be feeling the pressure. Our Resilience Jasper & Chalcedony Bracelet combines round beads of Green Chalcedony, Black Jasper, and White Quartz together in this stunning bracelet, bearing with them their energies for calm, grounding positivity. Let your loved one know you’re thinking of them by explaining the thought and intention behind this gorgeous gift. 

Mindful gift idea for the holidays

Showcase the uniqueness of your one-of-a-kind friend.

Some people just have it all - or at least it seems that way. Reflect their standout qualities with one of our Clarity Lapis Pendants. Each one is highlighted with different white and gold markings, ensuring that no two are the same. Fittingly, the energies they hold promote objectivity and clarity, allowing the wearer to tap into their creative side to keep fuelling their quirky nature. 

 ethical gift ideas

Brighten up someone's end of year energy with Chalcedony

This soothing Illuminating energy pink Chalcedony Bracelet channels warm love energy to anyone who wears it. Clear quartz also allows clarity of thought and purpose. The perfect mixture of gemstones to strengthen bonds with someone special.

At Daria Day, we hope to further the message of giving intentional, powerful gifts while uplifting those who work to bring us the striking pieces we feel proud to share. For more gift ideas, see our curated jewelry collection.

You can further explore the lives of Gulzar and our other artisans through our artisans page. Thank you for supporting us and them through the holidays, and happy shopping! 


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Ethical and mindful gift ideas for the holidays


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