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Black Friday is around the corner and it’s time we address something other than “great deals” - how mindless consumerism is affecting our mental health. All the promises and options sound tantalizing, but this “holiday” often discourages us from shopping ethically or mindfully.

Having more stuff doesn’t make us happy. In fact, studies show that it might do just the opposite.

Excessive materialism has been linked to higher rates of unhappiness and depression - some people are content with the essentials, and some aren’t. Unfortunately, those who aren’t seem to never be satisfied - but that isn’t the consumer’s fault.

Mindful Black Friday Shopping

Cheap, mass-produced goods that are pushed onto consumers with relentless marketing campaigns promise that you need this latest new kitchen gadget you will never use - and try to convince you that you’re not spending money, you’re saving money by buying now and not later. 

Mass consumerism is often responsible for unethical practices.

The products that are being sold to us by big box stores are often sourced and made unethically, in conditions that are harmful to human lives on the production end - and those stores will do anything to keep us from thinking about that fact.

Shop ethically

Mindfulness can help us navigate the world of mass consumerism. When you’re present in your own life and in touch with your needs, your wants, and what you already own, you know how to choose items that you actually love. 

When you feel responsible for your own happiness, you know not to buy things that are pushed onto you. Instead, you can seek out goods that benefit both you and all the humans that worked to create them.

This means that Black Friday can present an exciting opportunity for mindful shoppers to choose ethically sourced items that they truly love. 

Before purchasing anything new, it can be helpful to go through your home and find your favorite items - those that make you feel good to wear, jewelry that brings you joy to wear, or even your most used kitchen items that you would love to upgrade.

Thinking mindfully about what you already own can help break the cycle of mass consumerism.

The mindful consumer can make purchasing decisions that benefit them and the humans that created the products that bring them joy.

Shopping ethically is one way that we can take ownership over our choices again.

Products that are sourced and created ethically stop the mass consumerism cycle in its tracks. Though it can be hard (impossible, even) to entirely avoid many unethically sourced products, there is little room for cheap, fast fashion in the life of a person who chooses mindfulness. 

Ethically sourced jewelry can serve as a way to practice mindfulness and person-centered, conscious consumption.

Ethically sourced gemstone jewelry not only uplifts the artisans that create it, contributing to their well-being and quality of life, but also allows the wearer to focus on specific intentions. You can still participate in Black Friday while making choices that benefit you and others.

There are also a multitude of personal reasons that ethical shoppers choose to wear gemstone jewelry. Many gemstones, like the “love gemstones” in these Radiant Rose Quartz Drop Earrings , serve as powerful reminders to constantly usher in peace and comfort to your own life. 

Rose Quartz Earrings

Image credit: Impact Fashion

Necklaces, like these Clarity Lapis Pendants, can serve as a tangible source of objectivity and clarity. Wearers can channell its comforting presence and feel confident when they look in the mirror, knowing that their choice of jewelry not only stimulates their creative side, but also supports the artisans who handcrafted their jewelry of choice in North Pakistan. 

Clarity Lapis Pendants

Gift-giving lets humans create and celebrate connections between each other. Black Friday opportunities and sales, when used correctly, can facilitate the creation of these feelings of joy and togetherness without supporting the mass consumerism that harms humans behind the scenes. 

Delicate adornments like the North Star Amethyst Bracelet can be the perfect gift for a loved one. When you present someone with gemstone jewelry, the intentions and energies within the stones are as meaningful and important as the item itself. This gorgeous amethyst relieves stress and mood swings - so you’re giving the gift of a stunning bracelet and peace of mind at the same time.

North Star Amethyst Bracelet

By gifting such a beautiful item, you’re uplifting both your loved one and Nasreen, the artisan that crafted the piece alongside our many other artisans

It’s possible to use Black Friday to help others and yourself.

Support yourself, your loved ones, and the countless individuals who worked to bring you perfect pieces to help fight back against what Black Friday has become. The gorgeous, ethically sourced, curated jewelry collections at Daria Day can help you shop ethically while gifting yourself or others gemstones you truly love.  

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Sources: Consumerism and its discontents from the American Psychological Association.

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How to Shop Ethically on Black Friday

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